Man Arrested on Felony Warrant at Open Pantry

After a night of gambling, he went on a search for his missing girlfriend.

Here's another case of a man found , only this guy wasn't in a car, he was on foot.

Just after 2 a.m. Sunday, a man was scene walking around the Open Pantry on Brown Deer Road. Bayside police talked to the 44-year-old man and discovered that he'd had one heck of a night.

According to the report:

The man said he was gambling with his girlfriend at Potawatomi Casino earlier that evening. While sitting at the bar, his girlfriend left and never returned. After four hours of looking for her, he said he started to walk home; however, he's from Pembine, WI, nearly a four-hour drive according to Map Quest.

While walking, he was stopped by a Milwaukee police officer who gave him a ride. Then he said he started to walk on the freeway where a Milwaukee County Sheriff stopped him and gave him a ride to the . He said he had no money and nobody to contact to pick him up.

Officers ran the man's name and found he had a warrant through Ashland County Sheirff’s Department and a valid felony warrant for larceny through Iron Mountain, MI police department, with full extradition status in Wisconsin.

He was arrested, searched and transported to the Milwaukee County Jail.


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