Man Says He's a Teacher, is Arrested for Third OWI

Although he admitted to being intoxicated, he said he wasn't so drunk he couldn't drive safely. On the ride back to the station, he also admitted he had switched out the license plates on his car with those for another one.

Alcohol acts like a truth serum for some, and saw this first-hand when they caught up with this man who not only admitted to being drunk, but also to switching out the license plates on his car. 

According to the report:

A Fox Point officer was traveling in the 8700 block of North Port Washington Road just before 3 a.m. Thursday when he noticed a car heading southbound that crossed the center line three times, then nearly left the road in the 7900 block of North Santa Monica Boulevard. The car turned on its high beams, then shut them off, turned them on again and stopped completely in the middle of the intersection at North Lake Drive and East Calumet Road. Police pulled the car over in the 7400 block of North Lake Drive.

When the officer spoke to the driver, a 28-year-old Milwaukee man, the officer immediately smelled alcohol and noticed the driver’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot. When asked if he’d been drinking, the man admitted to having two or three drinks at a bar in Bayview, saying he was trying to get to his home on Mill Road in Milwaukee, about four miles West of where he was.

During the walk and turn test, he told the officer, “I’m gonna be honest with you. Like, I’m a teacher. Like, if you want to lock me up tonight, I understand. Like, I’m intoxicated. I don’t think I’m over the legal limit, but I am intoxicated. But I don’t think I’m past the point where I cannot drive.”

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Then, during the one-leg stand test, he had to hop on one foot to retain his balance.

He was arrested for OWI-third offense. During the ride back to the station, he admitted he had swapped the license plates on his car with those from a different vehicle. At St. Mary’s Hospital, a blood test confirmed his blood alcohol content was 0.13.

He was cited for OWI-third offense, prohibited alcohol concentration-third offense, operation after revocation-owi related, display of unauthorized registration plates and having an unregistered vehicle. He was also warned for operation left of center. 


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