Man Pulled Over for Speeding, Admits to Police He Has a Gun

Ammunition also found in the vehicle, but police find no evidence of wrongdoing.

A 30-year-old Milwaukee man was speeding down North Port Washington Road, going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone, when he was pulled over and told police he had a gun in his vehicle.

The incident happened at 2:15 a.m. Wednesday, when stopped the man in the 7200 block of North Port Washington Road.

According to the police report:

Officers could smell alcohol on the man's breath, and his eyes were glossy, so they asked if he had been drinking. The man said he had, at a bar on Teutonia Avenue, and that he had consumed three glasses of Korbel brandy.

As officers were searching the man, they asked if he had any weapons on him. He replied, “No, but I have a gun in the car.”

He said he had a .357-caliber handgun in the trunk, that the gun was unloaded and cased, and that there was a loaded magazine near the front of the vehicle. Officers went to retrieve the gun magazine and located it on the floor of the driver's side of the vehicle. Also on the floor was a large screwdriver.

As police completed the search, they recovered a pair of thin black gloves from the man's left rear pants pocket. After seeing the gloves, large screwdriver and many boxes that appeared to be filled with electronics in the rear of the vehicle, officers believed the man may have committed a burglary.

His vehicle was towed to the station and impounded. Officers located a Sig Sauer pistol in the rear of the vehicle. The gun was properly cased and not loaded. Police ran a check on the gun's serial number, but nothing came back as lost or stolen.

Four rounds of ammunition were located in the glovebox as well. The electronics boxes in the car were mostly empty, so officers determined the man did not commit any burglaries.

He refused to take a Breathalyzer test and was cited for operating while under the influence, driving with suspended registration and speeding.


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