Milwaukee Man Harasses Bayside Woman with More Than 70 Angry Voicemails

He threatened to murder her and called her profane names. Bayside police advised her to get a restraining order and he wound up with a disorderly conduct citation.

A 57-year-old Milwaukee man received a disorderly conduct citation from after he left more than 70 profane and threatening voicemails for a 42-year-old Bayside woman. 

According to the report:

Officers came to the woman's home on April 23 at 9:45 a.m. and listened to the voicemails that were left on her cell phone. In the messages, he identified himself and called her multiple profane names, adding that he "should have murdered" her. He also explained that he was already at the Bayside Police Department when he made the calls. 

Officers told her to obtain a restraining order immediately. Police asked if she wanted him arrested or warned about the incident. She said she wanted him arrested. Police said that at the time, the man was at the police department speaking with an officer and told her that he would be taken into custody and arrested for disorderly conduct.

He admitted to calling her names, but denied threatening to “murder” her. He was issued a municipal citation for disorderly conduct. Officers noted in their report that he was cooperative during the booking process. 


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