More Than $14,500 in Silverware and Jewelry Stolen From Bayside Home

Two full sets of silverware she received as a wedding present in 1967 and jewelry from her mother-in-law were taken from her home.

A 71-year-old Bayside woman in the 800 block of East Hermitage Road was the victim of some extensive thievery, including thousands of dollars worth of sterling silver silverware and heirloom jewelry. 

According to the report:

She called e on Aug. 22 to report that sometime between July 1 and Aug. 22, someone had come into her home and taken two sets of sterling silver silverware and a bag of jewelry. 

She said she was entertaining friends for lunch and went to the hallway closet to get her special silverware. When she opened the first box, she found all the silverware was gone, except for four butter knives. She found the second box empty as well, except for a small spoon. She went through the rest of the valuables in the house and noticed that a tan, velvet jewelry bag containing her valuable jewelry was also missing. 

Officers didn’t find any signs of forced entry and she said no one had been in the house sine the last time she used the silverware when she had friends over. When asked if she’d noticed anything suspicious or misplaced over the last couple of months, she said over the past three weeks, on two separate occasions, she came home and found the door to her garage from her breezeway was standing open and her dog was outside. When she leaves, she said she leaves her dog in the breezeway and the door to the house and garage are closed.

Police were able to lift a single, partial print from one of the two boxes the silverware were kept in.

In total, here's a breakdown of what was stolen:

  • A 12-place, sterling silver silverware set. Unknown manufacturer, estimated to be made in the 1920’s.
  • A 12-place, sterling silver Joan of Arc silverware set that she received as a wedding present in 1967. Appraised at $14,500.
  • A gold wedding ring that belonged to her mother-in-law containing to two diamonds.
  • A gold ring with an emerald and a diamond.
  • A gold scarab necklace.
  • An elephant pin.

Police interviewed neighbors, however, nobody said they noticed anything that looked suspicious recently.

Officers scoured eBay and Craigslist finding similar items for sale, however, after checking with the victim, none were an exact match. They also checked with local jewelry stores and one store reported they had recently purchased an elephant pendant, however, the victim clarified it was a pin.

Police are still investigating. 


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