More Than $30,000 in Electronics Stolen from Aurora Construction Site

Police have shoeprints and fingerprints, but no suspects yet.

It's not a common occurrence in a village the size of Fox Point to have a major theft, but are trying to catch some criminals who stole more than $30,000 worth of electronics.

At 6:21 a.m. on July 21, police were dispatched to the now-closed Aurora Clinic, 8675 North Port Washington Rd. The clinic is under construction as it's renovated into an electronic medical records training facility.

Fox Point police spoke with a cleaning crew employee who said, according to the report, that around 5:45 a.m., he noticed plastic packaging material blowing around the north parking lot of the property. According to his statement, he walked through the parking lot, picking-up the packaging material. When he approached the clinic, he saw a broken window and pieces of glass lying on the ground and two televisions. He said as soon as he saw the televisions, he did not move or touch anything.

The report says the window was partially broken, with large jagged pieces still in the frame and a large amount of glass lying outside in the mulch.

The stolen items included:

  • Eight Sharp, 70-inch televisions, total value $21,113.
  • Eight television mounts, total value $1,480.
  • Two Cisco LCD Monitors, total value $9,590.
  • A laptop, valued at $1,200.
  • Total damages come to $33,383.

Officers interviewed people at surrounding businesses, looking for anyone who may have seen anything out of the ordinary. A teacher at the , 8647 North Port Washington Rd., said the overnight janitor told her he saw a van park next to the school’s south facing fence around midnight. Officers interviewed the janitor, who said he made eye contact with the driver of the van, and then saw it drive into the parking lot towards the clinic.

Another officer’s report said it appeared two locked rooms in the building had been forcibly entered, and several large TVs had been taken from the mounting brackets on the walls.

The general manager in charge of the contstruction employees said a few unknown people have walked through the site mistaking it for a doctor’s office since May when construction began. He also said power drills have been stolen, but were never reported.

The investigator's report says the suspect(s) attempted to pull down a ceiling mounted TV and overturned a 5-gallon bucket of tan latex paint to use as a step stool to reach the TV. This left a partial shoe print, approximately 12 inches long and later identified as matching the sole of a Nike Air Force 1 tennis shoe. The officer also swabbed a door handle, glass and a hammer, lifting a partial print from the broken glass window.

Police have no suspects at this time.


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