On Thin Ice: Man's Truck Falls through Skating Rink while Doing Donuts

Driver told police he thought he'd have a little fun and perform some doughnuts in his truck at a local skating rink, but quickly found himself on thin ice.

Police say a man’s truck fell through the ice at a local skating rink Jan. 18 while he was doing donuts.

According to the report, an officer was dispatched to the Longacre Road skating rink, 7343 N. Longacre Rd., for a report of a car stuck on the ice. When police arrived they observed a car partially submerged in the ice and man in the driver’s side revving the engine.

The driver told police he left a friend’s house and thought it would be fun to do some donuts on the ice. After having his fun, the driver decided to leave and that’s when the truck got stuck.

Police called a towing company to help remove the truck.

The driver wasn't injuried but was cited by police for damage to property.


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