One-Legged Man Drives Through McDonald's, But Not Using the Drive-Thru

Man crashes into side of building, and McDonald's employee helps him out before he speeds off.

At around 7:15 a.m. on March 27, a one-legged man drove into the north side of the at 8739 N. Port Washington Rd., then fled the scene after receiving help from an employee.

McDonald's surveillance cameras caught the man as his GMC Jimmy backed through the parking lot, over the curb and straight into the building. His rear window was open and barely still attached to the SUV after the accident.

As the video shows, the driver crawls out of the SUV and drags himself towards the back of the truck to check out the damage.

A McDonald's employee, on his way to take out the garbage, steps outside and offers to help the driver get his wheelchair out of the back of the SUV, as the video shows he is an amputee. But on second thought, the driver decides not to stick around. He gets back into his SUV and drives off. Interviews with police show that the employee did not see the accident.

Total damage was a 10-inch hole into the wood siding of the restaurant. estimate the damage to total around $2,000 and do not have any suspects yet.


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