You Can Kick the Tires, But Not the Door

A Fox Point man was cited for damaging a passing car with a kick to the door. He told police that the car nearly hit him first. According to police reports, then men have encountered each other before.

A Fox Point man was cited after police say he admitted to kicking a car as it drove past while he was walking his dog because, he said, the car nearly hit him. 

According to a police report, a resident called Fox Point police to report that his car was just kicked by a pedestrian about 10:30 a.m. Oct. 9. When police were en route to the caller's home, a different man come out of his home in the 7800 block of North Fairchild Road, walking toward the officer’s car.

The report said the man looked irate and said he was just going to call the police. He told the officer that he was walking near the intersection of Calumet and Seneca roads when a car almost hit him, so he kicked it as it passed. 

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Police then went to speak to the driver, who said he was eastbound on Calumet Road and as he prepared to turn left, he noticed a pedestrian walking his dog westbound on Calumet Road. The walker seemed to be walking with his head down the man told police, and in a very deliberate manner.

The driver told police he slowed and then stopped to allow the pedestrian to cross Seneca Road. As the walker passed the driver, he kicked the driver's side door, leaving a small dent in the lower door panel, according to the police report. Police estimated the damage at $500. 

The driver said about two weeks prior, he waved to the same man as he was walking and the pedestrian “flipped him off.”

The walker was arrested and cited for damage to property.


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