Police Report: 57-Year-Old Arrested for Drunk Driving, Released to Son

She told police she was just tired, but they asked for her for preliminary breath test anyway. At the station, her BAC was 0.1.

A 57-year-old Fox Point woman was arrested for drunk driving and before the officer could even introduce himself, she was already apologizing.

According to the report:

Other drivers traveling on Lake Drive called police just before 2 a.m. on June 22 to tip them off about an erratic driver who they believed was possibly intoxicated. Fox Point police caught up with the car and immediately noticed it drifting from side to side. The driver put on her turn signal and slowed near East Thorne Lane, but then continued straight.

Based on the car’s drifting and the time of day, the officer believed the driver to be impaired and pulled the car over.

As soon as the officer introduced himself, the driver began apologizing, saying she was tired. He could smell alcohol coming from inside the car and she admitted she’d been downtown at Cubanitas.

During the walk and turn test, police gave her the option to remove her high heels. At first, she declined, however, after getting instructions on how to complete the test, the took them off. But, even without the high heels, she stepped off the line and missed walking heel-to-toe in both directions.

When police requested she complete a preliminary breath test, she said, “I was told not to blow in a breathalyzer.” He explained she had the right to refuse and advised her of the difference between a PBT and breathalyzer. She again refused.

She was arrested for driving under the influence and did complete a breathalyzer test at the station, showing a BAC of 0.1. She was cited for operating while intoxicated and prohibited alcohol concentration. She was later released to her son.


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