Rogaine and Razors Swiped From Fox Point CVS

The store manager supplied a physical description of the suspect to police and yes, he did have hair. An estimated $1,000 in razors and hair-growth product were stolen.

A store manager reported a theft of Rogaine and razors to , and included with the report was a physical description of the suspect, who did in fact have hair. 

According to the report:

The CVS store manager told police at 4 p.m. on Aug. 31 that the suspect came into the store looking suspicious. So, the manager followed the man around the store while tending to other duties. The suspect had a shopping basket filled with a bunch of shaving razors and hair care products. 

The suspect dumped the items into a white plastic shopping bag. When the manager went to pick up the bag, the suspect took the bag before the manager could get to it. The man said he had already paid for the items, and the manager said they would have to confirm his purchase at the front register. While walking to the front together, the suspect kept walking right past the register and left the store. The manager follwed the man and told him to leave the bag behind or he would call police. 

The suspect left with the bag anyway, and the manager called 911.

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The manager described the suspect as heavyset, in his early to mid 40's, approx 6 feet tall and 300-plus pounds. He was wearing a green polo sleeved shirt that had orange and yellow horizontal stripes, blue jean shorts, and white shorts. The suspect appeared to have graying hair that was cut short and was wearing a large imitation diamond earring in both ears. 

The manager reports that at least one each of the following items were taken:

  • Rogaine XS Hair Re-Growth 3-pack, valued at $49.99.
  • Rogaine Men Extra, valued at $31.79.
  • Rogaine Men Foam, valued at $49.99.
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors 8-pack, valued at $26.79.
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors 8 pack, valued at $16.79.

The shelf space where these items had been was empty. The manager said there was no way to know for sure, even with an inventory check, exactly how many of each item was taken, however, he felt that there was a loss of more than $1,000 in razors alone. 

Police are still investigating. 


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