Police Report: Vandals Trash Town Club Pool

Someone tossed everything but the kitchen sink into the Fox Point Town Club pool Friday. Just like the vandalism at the Lion's Gates in Bayside, this isn't the first time this location has been victimized.

It's the second time in two years that members have gone to use the pool and gotten a very different kind of surprise. 

Just before 8 a.m. Friday, a groundskeeper for the club called and asked them to take a look at the pool. When they arrived, everything but the kitchen sink had been tossed in. 

A total of 10 metal chairs, five or six metal tables, a fiberglass pool equipment storage box, the liners bag, a plastic rescue long board, a small tree in a planter box, other small planter boxes with flowers and a table umbrella were all tossed into the pool according to the report. 

The Town Club had similar incidents in 2010 and police suggested security cameras, motion lights, a pool alarm and night security personell be added, however, the report says none of the suggestions were implimented. 

Most of the items in the pool were not damaged, but the chlorine will likely kill the plants the report said. Total damage is estimated at $300, plus labor costs to remove everything from the bottom of the pool. 


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