Police Report: Woman Whisper-Sings Alphabet to Police

She denied drinking to Fox Point police, but when she began whispering the alphabet to get to the letters officers wanted her to begin with, it became clear to officers that she'd had a few drinks.

arrested a 28-year-old Milwaukee woman for OWI after someone called her in for reckless driving. 

According to the report:

While police patrolled Beach Drive at 2:02 p.m. on Saturday, someone called police to report they saw a woman stumble into a car and accelerate quickly as she drove away on the wrong side of the road.

Police found her near Lake Drive, drifting back and forth, nearly striking a temporary road construction sign. They immediately pulled her over.

While talking with her, police could smell alcohol and noticed her speech was very deliberate and slurred. She denied drinking, but because of her glassy eyes and swerving on the road, police requested she complete field sobriety tests.

During the alphabet test, the officer asked her to begin with the letter D and end with M. She began reciting in a whisper, as though she was trying to remember the sequence or get to the letter D before speaking louder. She recited part of the alphabet out of sequence and then started singing quietly until ending with the letter P.

Her PBT was 0.251.

She was arrested and cited for OWI and prohibited alcohol concentration, as well as warned for unsafe lane deviation. 

Kris July 12, 2012 at 01:07 PM
Please note that I am in NO way condoning drunk driving, and do not feel sorry for those who do drive OWI. But I sometimes feel a bit of pity for anyone who has difficulty with these partial alphabet recitals, since I can barely do it sober. I can never remember whether R or O comes next--I have to go back in the alphabet and make a run at it.


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