River Hills Man Tries to Steal Gas From Open Pantry

Police caught up with him at his home and escorted him back to the gas station to pay for the $20 of gas he ran off with.

were called to  for a gas drive off but what the the thief didn't know is officers would soon be paying him a visit at his home. 

Just before 10 a.m. on May 29, police came to the gas station and spoke with an employee who was able to provide a license plate number for the car that drove off with the five gallons of gas. Police traced that number to the registered owner in River Hills. 

Police went to the man’s house and a matching vehicle was in the driveway with a man waslking into the garage. They asked him if he had just purchased gas at the Open Pantry. He said yes, but could not provide a receipt for the credit card purchase he claimed he made. 

The man and police went back to the gas station where he paid for the five gallons of gas, $19.56. 


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