Six Homes Vandalized in Bayside, Most for the Second Time

Police are investigating a string of vandalism incidents spreading two weeks across Bayside where someone destroys potted plants, decorative yard lights and more.

are investigating another six incidents of vandalism this week including destroyed flower pots, shattered lights and more. 

According to the report:

Just before 1 a.m. on June 12, police received a call from a woman in the 500 block of East Bay Point Road who said there were kids vandalizing her yard. When police arrived, they searched the area but didn’t find anyone.

There was a broken glass cover from her lamp post along with a large stone at the base of the pole. She is the same woman who had found her metal bench repositioned at the end of her yard two weeks before. Police also had discovered an empty 30-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon lying in the ditch the

The homeowner estimated the damage to the lamp at $100.

But that’s not all.

Another home owner in the 9200 block of Regent Road reported that his lamp post was also smashed sometime between midnight and 5:45 a.m. The glass panels had been smashed and the top cover had been knocked off and left laying in the yard. There were also large stones circling the lamp post that had been removed and thrown about the front yard and ditch.

Two weeks ago, this man's yard furniture was taken and dumped in a neighboring yard a block away.

In the 9400 block of Regent Road, a lamp post and flower pots were destroyed. The top porton of the lamp post had been completely knocked off and was hanging by one of the electrical cords. There was also a flower pot that had been turned over and the flowers ripped out. The post was left near the front door while the flowers were near the base of the lamp post. 

Then, another resident in the 9400 block of Regent road reported someone destroyed his light as well. The owner told police he heard a loud crash around midnight but that he thought it was a recycling container being knocked over by an animal.

Another resident in the 500 block of East Bay Point road also had his lamp post smashed.

A third homeowner on Bay Point road reported vandalism as well. When police arrived, they found a porch light destroyed. The home owner said around 11:30 the night before she noticed her motion sensor light had turned on, but she didn’t see anything. Shortly after that, she heard noises in the back of her home. She just assumed it was the house creaking and didn’t think much of it. 

Police have no suspects at this time. 


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