Storm Causes No Accidents in Fox Point or Bayside

Snow totals were low along the lake so Thursday's winter storm caused little problem in Fox Point and Bayside.

People must drive pretty well in Fox Point. Despite the snow, Fox Point police told Patch they received zero reports of accidents related to the weather.

In fact, said Officer Steve Grossmueller, the department has fielded no calls about anything related to the snow.

“We have had no calls in any weather-related issues,” he said. “The snow wasn’t too terrible here. We had no accidents or trees down.”

He attributed it in part to the Public Works Department.  “Our DPW is good at getting roads cleared and salted,” he said.

In Bayside, it was similarly sleepy. Lt. Tom Henkel told Patch, “We didn’t have anything out of the ordinary, just a few accidents in the area. It was really not that big of a deal here.”

Bayside’s Deputy Village Manager Alex Henderson said Bayside had crews out plowing last night and again this morning.

“In Bayside, we didn’t get as much (snow) as the middle part of the state,” he said.

He reminded residents to:

  • Leave enough room for plows.
  • Never pass plows because “as hard as it is for drivers to see it’s just as hard for them.”
  • Don’t put snow back into the roadway.

He said Bayside has almost no sidewalks. “The village clears the little bit we do have,” he said.

The fact it took so long this season to have a snowfall has helped save the village overtime, Henderson said. “We purchase salt on a yearly basis. But we’ve been able to do more tree trimming and things like that because there wasn’t snow until now.”

Fox Point’s public works director said there were no issues there either. Plows were out at 2 a.m.


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