Stranger Swipes Stove, Sink and Toolbox

Police are looking for a 5-foot, 240-pound man who stole the used items from behind a Fox Point home.

Around 3:15 p.m. Nov. 27, a Fox Point homeowner called police asking them to investigate a theft. She said someone had stolen a toolbox, a used stove and a used kitchen sink from the back of her house.

The toolbox had a drill bit set valued at $30, a set of Allen wrenches valued at $20, a wrench set valued at $50 and the toolbox itself was valued at $50 for a total loss of $150. 

Police spoke with a contractor who was working on the Fox Point home. He said a man, about five feet tall and 240 pounds, stopped at the home on two separate occasions, according to the report. The first time around 11 a.m., he pulled up in a green Chevrolet Suburban with a broken rear passenger window. He initially identified himself as “Eric” and said he knew the home owners.

The man left, saying he was picking up a trailer at 35th and Hampton and he returned around 2 p.m. He came back with the trailer and began loading the items from the driveway the report said. The contractor told police "Eric" came inside the house while he was working on a stairwell. When the contractor confronted him, "Eric" left.

The stove and sink were going to be thrown out, so the homeowner was not concerned about recovering them, according to the report. Other local police departments were notified and police are still investigating. 


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