Thief Says, 'Oops' When Caught Stealing Alcohol From Calderone Club

A faulty lock allowed a thief to steal beer and wine from the back refrigerator at the Calderone Club in Fox Point. When an employee was about to leave, he would have chased him, but didn't want to drop the fresh pizzas he was carrying.

A man in a black, pull-over sweatshirt, jeans and an open-faced ski mask was caught red-handed attempting to steal beer and wine from the in Fox Point. 

According to the report:

While a was on patrol early Friday morning, he drove through the  lot and was flagged down by an employee who said someone had just broken into the walk-in refrigerator behind the restaurant. 

The employee told police just minutes before, he was leaving the restaurant at 1:51 a.m. and he felt resistence on the back door. He pushed and pushed and finally got the door open but discovered a man standing over several cases of beer and wine from the restaurants walk-in refrigerator. He said the man was tall, skinny and white, about 20-25 years of age wearing a black pull-over jacket and jeans with an open-faced ski mask.

The employee told police the man said, “Oops,” then took off running, crossing West Bradley Road and heading down the alley behind The employee said he was unable to catch the man because he was carrying two pizzas in his hands and did not want to drop them.

Officers checked the area but did not find the man.

The employee was positive he had locked the refrigerator, however, officers discovered that any key that would fit into the lock could open the door since the lock was malfunctioning. 

Outside the refrigerator were several stacked boxes of alcohol including:

  • 24, 12-oz. Bottles of Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy beer ($20)
  • 24, 12-oz. Bottles of Berghoff Prairie Lager Beer ($30)
  • 5, 1-liter bottles of Placido Pino Grigio wine ($80)
  • 24, 12-oz. Bottles of Bud Light ($20)
  • 24, 12-oz. Bottles of Miller Lite ($20)
  • 6, 1-liter bottles of Jacob’s Creek Mascato Rose Wine ($100)

The employee said he did not notice anything missing. The door was secured until a better lock could be installed. 


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