Tipsy Teen Snags Ride Home With Police

Someone called her into police as a hitchhiker and when she saw the officer's car, she began waving her arms to get his attention, and a ride home.

A teenage girl was cited with her third underage drinking ticket when someone called her in as a hitchhiker but really, she said she just didn't know how to get home. 

According to the report:

Fox Point police were asked to investigate someone who appeared to be hitchhiking at 12:10 a.m. on Sept. 14 near Northpoint Service Center. When the officer arrived, he saw a teenage girl walking south. As soon as she saw the officer, she immediately began waving her arms and walking across the road toward police. She said she had left a friend’s house and didn’t know how to get home. While speaking with her, police noticed the smell of alcohol on her breath. 

When asked if she’d been drinking, she said she had four beers. Because she’s under 21, the officer asked she complete a preliminary breath test, which she did, and showed a blood alcohol content of 0.145. She was cited for underage alcohol consumption-3rd offense and picked up by her mother. 


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