Police: Tools Snatched From Truck Parked at NSB

The thief took off with numerous Milwaukee, Craftsman, Vice Grip and Channel Lock brand tools, but left behind a laptop computer.

A Delafield man's tools were snatched from his truck bed while he was at , but the thief left behind a laptop he also had stowed away.

According to the report:

A 54-year-old Delafield man had stopped at the restaurant around noon on Thursday, putting his computer bag in the covered bed of his pickup truck.

When he returned, the tailgate was open and his toolbox was missing. He told the computer bag was still in the truck bed, but because of the dark color, it was not easily noticeable in the covered bed he told police. The toolbox contained a Milwaukee brand 18-volt, cordless drill and two batteries, as well as numerous Craftsman, Vice Grip and Channel Lock brand hand tools.

There is no estimate at this time to the total value of the missing tools. Police are still investigating.


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