TV Missing From Car in for Repair

A key fob malfunction may be to blame.

A $1,050 42-inch LCD television was reported stolen from a car while the car -- with the Philips TV in it -- was in for repairs at ,  said.

The vehicle owner told police he dropped off the car Feb. 20, after the car broke down while he was using it to help move his son's belongings to Michigan. When the vehicle owner returned five days later, the TV was missing, police said.

The service center owner told police he believed the car was locked when it was dropped off, and the car was brought inside every night except Feb. 22 and Feb. 23.   On those nights, the service center owner told police, the car was locked.

The service center owner said he did not remember seeing a TV in the vehicle.

When police were called to check the vehicle at the service center, it was locked and had no signs of forced entry. Later that day, the service center owner told police he discovered the key fob does not work properly. When the car is put into park, he told police, all the doors unlock, and locking with the fob, which was used to lock the car while it was on the lot, only locks the driver-side door.

Police said they have no suspects, and the TV has not been recovered.


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