Two Milwaukeeans Arrested After Cruising Too Quickly Through School Zone

When the offenders rolled down the window to talk to police, a plume of marijuana smoke wafted out the window. They didn't attempt to hide the act.

Two 19-year-olds from Milwaukee were arrested for possession of THC after they cruised too quickly through a school zone early Wednesday morning.

While heading south on Port Washington Road just after 8 a.m., a noticed the car in front of him did not slow down when it went through the yellow flashing lights by , where the speed limit is 15 mph. The officer clocked the car in front of him going 39 to 41 mph. The officer ran a Department of Transportation check on the license plate and discovered the owner had a suspended driver's license.

According to the report:

The officer pulled the car over in the 8300 block of North Port Washington Road. All the windows were tinted very dark, so he asked the driver to roll down the window. As soon as he did, the officer immediately smelled burned marijuana from inside the car. The driver admitted there was a smoked blunt in the ashtray of the vehicle. The passenger admitted there was a smoked cigar blunt rolled in a tissue in her bag. Officers searched the vehicle and found the smoked cigar blunt that had a green, leafy substance inside which later tested positive for THC.

They were both arrested. The driver was cited for possession of THC, operating after suspension and speeding in a school zone. The passenger was cited for possession of THC.

Kris March 14, 2012 at 06:56 PM
I hope the picture of Maple Dale accompanying this article does not lead anyone to believe that the school had any relationship to this incident!


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