Two Women and One Man Steal Nearly $300 in Liquor from CVS

Police investigating possible tie to similar theft last week.

Three people were arrested by on Thanksgiving after they nearly got away with six bottles of vodka they stole from CVS Pharmacy.

According to the police report:

Officers arrived at the store just before noon on Thursday and met with a CVS employee who supplied surveillance footage of the three suspects as they pocketed and pursed the liquor bottles.

The footage shows the suspects standing in the liquor aisle and hiding several bottles inside a large purse or shoulder bag. Then the suspects left the store, but returned a short time later, concealing additional bottles.

The CVS employee said she believes and seen stealing liquor bottles and other items.

Officers found two of the suspects in the parking lot of the Riverpoint Village Shopping Center near the highway, behind . They arrested a 31-year-old Milwaukee woman and a 34-year-old Milwaukee man for theft. Officers searched the car and found the following under the seats and on the floor in the back of the car:

  • Two 1.75 liter bottles of Absolut vodka.
  • Three 750 milliliter bottles of Level vodka.
  • A 1.75 L of Svedka vodka.

The manager at CVS estimates the total value of the stolen liquor at $294.13.

The third suspect was soon apprehended by a River Hills officer. That officer was assisting in the call by speaking with an attendant at when she noticed a woman matching the description of the third suspect walking near West Brown Deer Road toward the highway. Officers approached the woman, who said she was just looking for her ride that had left her at the store. However, her clothing matched the description from the CVS employee so the 39-year-old woman from Milwaukee was also arrested for theft.

Officers searched her and found a 1.75 liter bottle of Bacardi Limon in her purse.

Police are investigating to determine if these women are the same ones who participated in the earlier thefts.


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