Vandals Ding-Dong-Ditch With Ranch Dressing

Bayside police arrested a 17-year-old for disorderly conduct after he admittedly sprayed ranch dressing on a friend's front door because the friend "blew them off."

While watching the Olympics, a 17-year-old and his mother were ding-dong-ditched, but not quite the traditional way. 

According to the report:

A woman and her teenage son were watching the Olympics on just after midnight Sunday morning in the 300 block of West Manor Circle when the doorbell rang three times. When she answered it, there was no one there — but someone had sprayed ranch dressing all across the screen door. Her son told he had an idea who may have done the damage, but wouldn’t share any names.

The boy's mom and the officer walked to the back of the house to look for more damage and she told him there were two other boys in the neighborhood who used to be friends with her son, but no longer are, and she believed they may have been behind the damage. She said her home had been egged a couple of months ago as well.

Shortly after, the same officers were dispatched to the 300 block of West Ravine Baye Road for suspicious activity — someone had just rang their doorbell multiple times as well. Police pulled over a car that was just leaving the same area, with two people inside. The driver, a 17-year-old from Fox Point, said she had just driven her two friends over to the victim’s home, parked a couple of houses down while the two boys got out and went up to the home. She said she didn’t know what they did, though.

Police went to one of the two boys' homes and, after a short conversation, the 17-year-old admitted to ringing the doorbell and spraying the door with ranch dressing. He said he did it because the boy who lived there was supposed to hang out with them tonight and he "blew them off."

He was arrested for disorderly conduct and when officers searched him, they found a glass pipe that later tested positive for marijuana residue, as well as a pack of Camel cigarettes and a lighter. Later in the interview room, he was asked about the multiple other vandalism incidents in the village, but he denied any involvement in them. He was cited for disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Meanwhile, another officer visited the other boy’s home, and he denied doing any damage or throwing anything at the home. He was cited for trespassing and released to his mother.

Bayside police say they are still investigating the string of other vandalism incidents in the village.


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