Village Resident Cited After Throwing Eggs at Homes with Recall Signs

Mount Pleasant Police say a man threw eggs at homes with "Recall Walker" signs in the village and the City of Racine.

In perhaps the oddest signal yet that the recall elections are starting to get to people, a Mount Pleasant man reportedly egged two homes with "Recall Walker" signs in the front yards.

According to Mount Pleasant Police, Robert Baggott, 64, was cited for disorderly conduct and damage to property on May 13 for allegedly throwing eggs at the home of a Racine Police officer in the 2200 block of N. Neumann in the village. He also is accused of egging a home in the City of Racine near the intersection of Blaine and Osborne.

Mount Pleasant Police Sargeant David Stroupe confirmed that Baggott targeted homes with "Recall Walker" signs, but said that isn't what prompted Baggott's rage with eggs.

"He apparently told officers that he was upset because his car had been egged so he was retaliating," Stroupe said. "The report doesn't say why Mr. Baggott targeted these particular homes or what the recall signs have to do with anything."

When Patch called Baggott to get his side of the story, he thanked us for calling but said he'd rather not talk about it.

According to a story in The Journal Times, Baggott's car has a bumper sticker touting his support for Gov. Scott Walker, perhaps prompting the vandalism against him. Baggott retaliated by finding homes with "Recall Walker" signs and throwing eggs himself.

Ed Holladay May 23, 2012 at 05:19 PM
Valid point Gear, but this guy was chronic. Those eggs can damage paint too. Not funny. At 64 this guy was repeatedly doing this? I guess that is one way to enjoy your retirement.
Ed Holladay May 23, 2012 at 05:22 PM
Certainly there are bigger stories out there, but it is a story. I would think it was someone's kid. An adult, especially an elderly guy, is kind of surprising. The guy must feel like a real fool now. I hope he does not get in too much trouble. I bet he feels bad enough just getting caught.
jt May 24, 2012 at 01:37 AM
most of us won't throw eggs! we'll just vote walker out!
Keith Best May 24, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Since Walkers reforms are working, he will NOT be voted out jt.
LSekhmet May 25, 2012 at 05:54 AM
Agreed. The only thing that matters is voting on June 5, 2012. Nothing else does -- but it's silly, and pointless, of people to be running over signs, throwing eggs at signs, burning signs, or whatever new way there is to steal and/or deface signs on _both sides_. It's wrong, it's stupid, and it shouldn't be happening. I agree with jt; I plan on voting the Rs right back out on June 5. Because Walker's reforms _aren't_ working; they're just putting the burden on medium to low-income people and making it hard for people who are in the middle class to _stay there_. Besides, anyone who believes Walker's for him who isn't a millionaire/part of the top 1% in this country is plain, flat wrong and is voting against his or her own economic interests. (But it's not against the law to be stupid.)


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