Woman Hits Parked Garbage Truck, Then Flees, Police Say

After colliding with the truck at the Porticos Apartments, the driver narrowly missed a tree before police found her in the parking garage. The police report also says she admitted to drinking an entire bottle of vodka.

Colliding with a parked garbage truck at the Porticos Apartments became the least of concerns for a woman later cited for OWI and hit-and-run.

Fox Point Police reports detail a Sept. 19 incident that began with a Veolia Environmental garbage truck driver traveling westbound on Bradley Road. He noticed a silver car begin backing up in front of the Porticos entrance. The truck driver came to a complete stop and honked several times, he told police, but the silver car backed up right into the garbage truck. 

The truck driver got out to go talk to the car driver, but the car sped off across the grass, nearly striking a tree by the entrance to the apartment complex, he told police. The car then drove off the grass and into the entrance lane, hitting one curb then the other after over-correcting. 

After speaking with the truck driver, the officer went looking for the woman who hit the truck, the report said. Police found a silver car matching the description in the underground parking garage, stopped but with the engine still running in the traffic aisle, with the driver still inside. The car had fresh damage to the rear quarter panel that matched the situation described by the truck driver, the report said. The officer tried to speak with the driver and noticed she was lethargic and had difficulty responding to questions. She was unresponsive to most questions and staring straight ahead. When she did speak, it was very slow and difficult to understand. She also seemed confused about what was happening.

Officers asked her repeatedly if she was diabetic or had any health problems, but she said no. When asked if she’d been drinking, she said she had consumed a bottle of vodka, according to the report. She was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital by the North Shore Fire Department where they completed a blood test.

She was cited for operating while under the influence and for hit and run. 


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