A Breakdown of Bayside Taxes

The levy has gone up 0.22 percent or $36,433.75.

The 2011 tax levy for all of the taxing jurisdictions in Bayside is $16,828,262.06, which represents an increase from 2010 of 0.22 percent, or $36,433.75. This includes the voter approved referendum for the . The overall increase in the levy for the Nicolet School District for Bayside is $193,363.   

As you know, Bayside has three separate taxing areas, based on school district and county:

  • The Milwaukee County/Fox Point-Bayside School District area will see a decrease of 0.55 percent in the overall tax levy. 
  • The Milwaukee County/Maple Dale-Indian Hill School district area will see an increase in the tax levy of 0.98 percent. 
  • The Ozaukee County/Fox Point-Bayside School District tax levy will increase by 0.75 percent.

In total dollars, the property tax levy decreased in Bayside for the Fox Point-Bayside ($180,488) and Maple Dale-Indian Hill ($109,001) School Districts, MATC ($4,288), and the State of Wisconsin ($1,879). The property tax levy for the village remained the same. The tax levies for MMSD ($27,225), Nicolet School District ($193,363), and both Milwaukee ($110,927) and Ozaukee County ($574) increased. 

While the Village collects the entire tax bill, it receives between $0.25 to $0.29 (depending on which district) from each dollar to provide the Village services including police, fire, emergency medical, garbage, recycling, snow plowing, infrastructure maintenance and replacement, library, health, facility and grounds maintenance, administration, and much more.   

Of each quarter the village receives in property taxes:

  • Police operations receives 7 cents.
  • Fire, Emergency Medical, Health and Library services receives 5 cents.
  • Community and Utility Services receives 3 cents.
  • Dispatch, General Insurances, and Facility Maintenance receives 3 cents.
  • General Government receives 2 cents and the remaining 5 cents goes to run all of the other service areas of the village.


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