After the Vote, Muskego for Ethical Government Stays Focused

Despite a yes vote for the purchase of property on Little Muskego Lake, citizen's group hopes to halt the purchase process to hold a referendum

In the days after the Muskego Common Council narrowly passed a resolution for a $3.55 million offer to purchase property owned by developer Michael Dilworth and the Cherek family, a group formed in opposition to it remains committed to halting the process.

Debbie Bolton, treasurer for Muskego for Ethical Government, said that after Tuesday's meeting, they are just trying to regroup and organize the signatures they have already collected. For the most part, she said they have been obtained by going door to door, but said they may also be available to residents in public places in Muskego.

So far, there hasn't been a determination if the petition for direct legislation would be in time. Alderman Kert Harenda had asked prior to Tuesday's vote if the required signatures (15 percent of the total ballots cast in the last gubernatorial election, or approximately 1,800) would need to come before that vote or just before a closing on the sale.

Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti explained that the petitions can be submitted to the city, however, "pursuant to statutory procedure, once it’s filed and the clerk has reviewed the signatures, the legal council will then advise the clerk" whether the process can be halted to allow for a referendum.

The group, which has formed as a political action committee with the city clerk's office, remains confident that they will get the amount of signatures needed. Suzi Link, who is gathering and counting them from other group members who are canvassing neighborhoods said she didn't have an exact count, but stated "more are coming in by the hour from all over the city."

Aaron S. Robertson, MSM January 26, 2012 at 05:17 PM
mike: No offense, but don't you think that at least some of the responsibility to stay informed on current events and issues falls on your own shoulders?
Bryan K. January 26, 2012 at 05:47 PM
I'm glad the common council voted in favor on progress and thinking for the future. Little Muskego Lake should be shared with everyone in our new downtown along our new Janesville Road corridor. Little Muskego isn't just for people living from W189 to W172. It is for everyone from W124 to W220! We are a community of 24,135 people. Let's not start another problem that can tarnish the image of our city. We need to work out our differences among one another so that we can come together to design a park that is worthy of calling our own.
Simple Bacon January 26, 2012 at 08:33 PM
It's been said many times but we have access to the lake. If you don't like Idle Isle talk to Craig Anderson in the Parks Department. If you're not happy with the public access points talk to the City. If you really, really, want to live on the lake there are a number of properties for sale (well a couple will leave the market very soon). Lot's of people want to live on the lake so they suck it up and buy a house on the lake. And look at the lake on any given summer day...it doesn't seem such a hardship to gain access. What else do you want? Would you like the City to purchase you a boat as well? Maybe a fishing pole? Good grief - enough with the class warfare. The people in those address ranges you point out pay way more in taxes than most in this community and many of them are long time residents on fixed incomes. You can make this into the poor off-lake people versus the privledged on-lake people if you like. I think that's a load of .... Ohh and BTW, the Mayor and Ald Werner have pledged that there will be NO public launch from that property so you're really not going to be able to access the lake unless you want to swim out. So, enough with the populist rhetoric.
Greg Burmeister January 27, 2012 at 12:37 PM
The Common Council and Public Works need to get their priorities straight. They have made promises to fix the water drainage problems that some of us have to deal with during evry heavy storm. They need to fulfill those promises, and take care of the old business before coming up with ways to spend money on something else. Please get the priorities straight and deal with the public safety, before pandering to public play.
Suzi Link January 31, 2012 at 05:08 AM
Aaron, I am more than happy to alert my friends and neighbors about a wide range of issues they may want to follow. If you were in my Muskego e-mail list, you would know that I often just alert people to agenda items, regardless of which side of an issue I believe they will be on. In other words, I am an "'equal opportunity informer". Frankly, Aaron, you disappoint me. You have run for elected office in the past. I can't believe you would question HOW a taxpayer gets involved. Any effective public official will tell you that the hardest part of the job is finding out WHAT taxpayers actually want. These days, most people are doing thier best just to keep up with work, kids, family and other pressures. They don't have the time, and should not be forced to watch local government every step of the way. On the other hand, because our current elected officials are taking what I consider to be unacceptable short-cuts in thier haste to spend our money, I make the effort to improve the connection between taxpayers and thier money. I am happy to offer information, then let people make up thier own minds. Believe it or not, this IS PART OF THE PROCESS of citizens interacting with government. If this helps improve the quality of local government, I am happy to play my small role. That is how a community raises awareness and facilitates participation in our system of government.


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