After the Vote: Muskego Reacts

As predictable as a 4-3 council vote was for many Tuesday night, so were the reactions after the meeting.

As the Muskego Common Council got to voting on the original resolution on an offer to purchase land on Little Muskego Lake and the 4-3 vote in favor was recorded, the reaction from the crowd was immediate.

The opponents yelled out 'shame' and 'recall Chiaverotti' and 'rubber stamp' and those in favor, who had been for the most part stoic during public and council discussion, broke into smiles and handshakes.

"I really don't believe they listened to us tonight," said Lorie Oliver, who has been the voice of the opposition, recently formed as a political action committee called Muskego for Ethical Government. As the group had indicated a petition was being circulated, and approximately 600 signatures were already collected to halt a vote and request a referendum, the focus Oliver said was to complete that task now.

"We will work on the petitions, and it would seem we will have enough to prevent this from going forward," she said. The direct legislation may or may not impact the process, depending on the language of it, according to the city's attorney. Prior to voting, Alderman Kert Harenda asked if the legislation could halt the process if it were submitted prior to closing of the purchase, or if it were required prior to the vote.

Should the legislation come too late, Oliver said they would then consider recall actions against Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti and likely fourth district Alderman Keith Werner.

On the opposite side, Muskego Proud spokesperson Rob Lucas praised the Common Council for their hard work, and "I applaud the vision of the aldermen who voted for this resolution."

Lucas said he was pleased to see the turnout, but "extremely disappointed in the lack of decorum that people expressed when others were speaking."

The chief concern and objection by park opponents and several on the Common Council was over cost details after the land purchase. Many who spoke said cost estimates had to be attainable and didn't understand why none were presented.

Craig Anderson, Parks Director, who was often mentioned as the costs for developing the land after a sale would come from his department, said that the real work of gaining the detail on costs would be just beginning, and would be up to the residents to determine.

"We are looking forward to working with the public to help create this park," Anderson said. "What happens now should the purchase go through is going to be up to the residents of this city. We will be seeking input through public information sessions and stakeholder meetings, just as we had with Park Arthur."

Anderson explained that the costs will also be up to the public, stating that requests prior to a land purchase would be impossible to determine without knowing first what the public would like to see in the park.

"It would be like you hiring a landscaper and leaving him a note saying you'd like your lawn landscaped without any other detail, and how much would that cost? Costs will be in the details of what the public wants to see on this land, and we want them to have a very direct hand in what the plans for this park end up looking like."

obtw January 26, 2012 at 07:43 PM
Laurie said: "THEN I noticed closely that there was nowhere for a person from say, Milwaukee to launch or sit on the beach except off that little spot off Muskego: Idle Isle park." Here is a link to the public launches in Muskego. http://www.ci.muskego.wi.us/parksrecreation/Parks/BoatLaunchInformation/tabid/478/Default.aspx If you note, there are four public launches on Little Muskego Lake. If you drive around the lake you probably noticed those little green sings. Those are public access points. Anyone can get to the water, sit, fish, or launch a canoe or kayak. Lots of people do. Here is a link to a pdf map showing those access points. I think I counted 19 access points. Getting to or on Little Muskego Lake is not a problem. Perhaps the city should have used the $3,500,000 to buy 140 $25,000.00 boats for city residents to use and only allow those boats on the water. I could go for that.
obtw January 26, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Link for pdf: www.ci.muskego.wi.us/Portals/0/docs/Little_Muskego_Access.pdf or just use Google and type in: public access points on Little Muskego Lake.
Laurie Czerwinski January 26, 2012 at 09:21 PM
That is very nice of you to place the launch sites on here..I thought you know, I was going to get yelled at if I walked down to the water..I mean, one's mind says, hey, this looks private, I better not.Plus, those are hard to find and if you want to see the lake from Hillendale, that one place of business is a bar and you have to buy something from the bar in order to stop and take in the lake sight there..how do you take a glass glass of beer across the street there? you don't, is the answer. whoops, I think I stretched the use of the term Cultural Diversity but, I definitely meant, kids and college students from Milwaukee would be less unhappy if they could venture out here, for example, and swim or take a boat ride,' less potential drug use for unhappiness, boredom, more swimming more boat riding. Thanks for the link I may post it at the college. (see, is there room for people?)
Simple Bacon January 26, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Ms. Konkel, Schools may be seperate but they are taxing the same body.
Greg Burmeister January 27, 2012 at 03:06 AM
I feel the city needs to get its priorities straight. Two years ago, ten different areas were identified as in severe need of solving drainage issues because when the rains come, we get flooded. We were promised that we were on the top of that list and the city was going to act to solve these problems in an expedient manner. Well it is 2 years later and nothing has been done. Why is the city trying to spend a large chunk of change on getting another park, when it has not fulfilled the promises already made? Why is the city going after another park when the Park Arthur site has not been completed and a bunch of money has already been spent on that? Why can't the city live up to its responsibilities and take care of what is already on it's plate before adding more to the pile? Greg Burmeister


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