Bayside Summer Clean Up Collected a Little Bit of Everything Sunday

While some were repeats, there were approximately 500 vehicle trips made to Village Hall for the clean up.

Bayside held their summer clean up day July 17. A total of $781.75 was collected for Habitat for Humanity, along with many other items. Here's a look at what was collected:

• $781.75 in cash and check donations towards the Habitat for Humanity.
• 1,200 pounds of food donated to the Hunger Task Force.
• Two, 30-yard dumpsters of garbage were completely filled.
• One, 20-yard scrap metal bin was filled.
• A packer was completely full of recycling.
• 4,200 pounds of papers were collected to be shredded.
• Approximately 500 vehicles trips were made to donate items by residents.
• Hundreds of batteries were collected.
• 10 car batteries were collected.
• Approximately 30 gallons of motor oil were collected.
• Hundreds of paint cans were collected.
• 252 individual car donations for goodwill came through. One Goodwill truck was completely full.
• 92 televisions were collected.
• 36 dehumidifiers were collected.
• Three refrigerators were dropped off.
• Four radios were donated.
• Two air conditioners were collected.
• One humidifier was dropped off.

In addition, eight pounds of prescription drugs were also collected. You can drop off your old, expired prescription drugs at the from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Mira Bluesky July 30, 2011 at 11:40 AM
Next year the village should arrange for drop off of old microwaves. There is only ONE place in the whole greater Milwaukee area that will accept microwaves, and it's in Oak Creek. Microwaves contain an element containing PCB, and must be recycled, but I suspect they rarely are. The landfills won't accept them anymore. Stores like Best Buy will be happy to sell you a new one but won't recycle your old one like they do old computers. What are people doing with them? I doubt they are driving to Oak Creek to recycle it like we did. They are most likely ending up in landfills and leaking PCB.


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