Bayside Village Board Makes Progress Toward Combined Dispatch

Two more municipalities to vote on consolidation in the next couple of weeks.

Small steps toward a big consolidation are continuing in the North Shore.

Bayside trustees voted Thursday to let Village Manager Andy Pederson negotiate an agreement to create a consolidated police and fire dispatch center that would include the same seven municipalities that are part of the North Shore Fire Department.

Once an agreement is reached, Village President Sam Dickman would have the authority to sign off on the deal without having to go back to the Village Board, trustees decided.

Whitefish Bay officials 0n Monday . Glendale aldermen will vote on the issue on Monday, Shorewood on April 18 and Brown Deer on May 2.

River Hills, Fox Point and Bayside already share dispatch services.

Pederson said the biggest reason for the consolidation is that it would improve response times. A single dispatch center would allow for quicker responses because the calls would not have to be rerouted to Milwaukee County before heading to the right municipality. A joint center also would mean fewer potential human or technological errors, he said.

Also at Thursday's meeting, the board:

  • Approved conditional-use permits for four new businesses, including: Art Trooper, Motorsports-Exchange.com, eManagement and Assistance and Falcon Industrial.
  • Approved a proclamation recognizing Arbor Day on April 29. The village is working with the Schlitz Audubon Center on plans for a tree-planting project as part of the day.
  • Approved an increase in North Shore Health Department fees for restaurants, hotels and swimming pools to match an increase in state fees.
Absolutelyfabulous August 13, 2011 at 04:04 AM
Belch- I'd like to thank Andy Pederson Village Manager for Bayside for my 2 citations each totaling $177.00 1st- is for Unenclosed storage of items 2nd-For property maintenance violations.--Hadn't fully replaced some damaged siding & Hung some gutters that had previously been taken down and had some tarps underneath to redirect water. Not very sightly and was given ample time to fully address these matters. MY QUESTIONS ARE- How come my neighbor (nice guy)who has a code violation notice that is now over 16 months old and has not been fully addressed not received any citations from the Bayside Police? Better yet, have their property files been altered in any way to make said violation notice disappear? You've already altered one of my violation notices to include something I never said or would have agreed to. How about another neighbor who has had uneclosed items (DISCARDED METAL FRAME THE SIZE OF A FULL SIZE BED) sitting in the bushes adjacent to my driveway and in full view part of the year for years and brought to the attention of the village with photos and followed procedure to submit complaint online. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE FOR OVER A YEAR AND THEY HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY CITATIONS? http://www.flickr.com/photos/53698684@N04/page2/ BTW Here's a photo (# 27) of discarded garbage/unenclosed storage of items next door and no fine from the village for $177.00 I'm just asking because you seem to write your own rules on how to run the village of Bayside.


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