Sussex Business Park Likely Dead; Public Hearing Canceled

After cost estimates for multimillion-dollar park came in higher than expected, Sussex has canceled the July 25 public hearing and is expecting to end the project.

It appears that plans for a in Sussex are dead after preliminary costs for the project came in more than $1 million more than anticipated.

Village Administrator Jeremy Smith says the Sussex Village Board will meet on July 24 to discuss the corporate park, proposed near Highway 164 and Silver Spring Drive, but he says the staff is recommending killing the project.

A public hearing that had been scheduled for July 25 has been canceled.

“The Village Board is going to be taking action on the project on the 24th, and my guess is the deal is probably done at this point,” Smith said. “Some of the engineering numbers are coming in much higher than anticipated, and while they might be worked out, it won’t be any time in the near future.”

The initial investment Sussex anticipated to make during was a little more than $4.6 million, with a majority of that money going toward the farmland acquisition in 2012, which would have cost nearly $2.4 million. The remaining costs come from the improvements to the land in 2013 like adding sewer, water and constructing roads.

mid-June to do more detailed surveys of the 120 acres of farmland behind Kohl's and Shopko came back with higher numbers than Sussex officials anticipated, according to Smith.

"The new estimates were more than a million dollars more than we anticipated," Smith said. "They were significant enough were I'm going to recommend we no longer proceed with the project."

Smith said while he can’t officially anticipate how the Village Board members will vote July 24, he guesses they’ll choose to end the project at that meeting.

"The new estimates were more than a million dollars more than we anticipated." 

This comes after Pete Meissner, co-owner of the Meissner family farm, more than 600 heads of cattle from the village if the business park was approved. Meissner says the 120-acre plot of farmland Sussex was looking to buy is vital to his cattle industry in the village.

And Meissner wasn't the only Sussex-area resident opposed to the new business park. During the June 12 Village Board meeting, multiple residents, including Meissner, took to the podium to lash out against the possible corporate center.

"Did you take an oath to work for the people or work for yourselves?" asked Lisbon resident Sheryl Plese. "Are you doing what the people of Sussex want, or are you in your little circle here and having your meetings in the back room? What I’ve heard tonight is that all the industrial potential is good, but everybody knows what the market is now, and everybody knows there are buildings standing empty all over this town, this state and this country."

The controversial project, which stems from developer MLG before developing it, will likely be killed during the next Village Board meeting. 

The July 24 meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at . 

Will Silvers July 16, 2012 at 12:26 PM
I read that miesner would be forced to shut down the cattle side because there would be no place to spread the manure. I read the dnr is strict on what you can do with, how much and where yoi can pit that stuff on. I didn't hear a threat, but just farmer's honesty. Hope this wasn't just a diversion while they decide to buy the other farm on main street...for their other project...
Bill K. July 16, 2012 at 02:39 PM
wasilvers? A new corporate park would not force the farm to shut down, there is plenty of farm land that the Miesners can spread manure on their existing property and the surrounding area farms, that comment from them was just a scare tactic to get a response out of people like you. If the DNR was so concerned with manure spreading they would not let them use that property at all. The whole property drains onto one of the villages major wet land areas that boarders the entire south end the property. The farmers honesty would be that he would have to possibly/maybe contract with another farmer to use his property for spreading. From what I understand the development was only 120 acres of a 300 acre property if that was true they will still have 180 acres remaining to do their business. What property on Main St. are you talking about that the village is talking on buying haven't heard that one yet?
mike July 16, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Bill K. if you want to live in a corporate park im sure you can find a nice place in downtown Milwaukee.
Bill K. July 16, 2012 at 10:55 PM
Mike how did you get the impression that I want to live in a corporate park, there was nothing in my comments that gave the impression of that. I am presuming from your comments that you are against any development that is not residential in nature which is fine however I am trying to be a realist in my comments. To place all corporations in Milwaukee is not seeing the big picture which is retaining and growing local jobs. The fact Hwy 164 is and will continue to be a major corridor can’t be lost on developing residential in every conceivable pocket it is not economically sustainable and is not fiscally responsible for your tax bill. Business and homes must exist together or both will eventually fail.
Adam July 17, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Again bill, why do you live by a farm if you hate the smell?? Seems stupid. And why would it be a smart idea to put up a business park when the economy is in the tank and jobs aren't growing? We have enough empty buildings in Sussex as it is.


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