COW to Review Proposal for Purchase of Lake Property

City of Muskego is going back to the lake for possible development

The agenda for the meeting has added discussion of proposals to purchase property from Michael Dilworth, who owns two properties adjacent to each other along Janesville Road across from Pioneer Drive. 

Along with Dilworth, the two additional properties to the east would also comprise the overall development.  Nanette and Judith Gardetto own these properties, and according to Dilworth's attorney, Gerald Boisits, are favorable to the plan.

The first proposal would include access to the lake along 700 feet of frontage, and would present "an unprecedented opportunity for the City of Muskego to acquire lands along Little Muskego Lake from Janesville Road currently found in the Muskego 2020 Comprehensive Plan," according to Boisits' letter.  

A five-acre portion would be reserved as park land and feature a beach area.  Additional residential parcels would provide tax revenue that would help to offset an estimated $60,000 loss from the purchase of the current properties.

The second development could "deny the City the opportunity to ever acquire land along the lake," said Boisits, who will present the proposals Tuesday night. This proposal offers a heavier presence of condominiums and no public access.

Officials are cautious not to give these proposal a name, and felt the previous "Bring Back the Lake" concerns were better addressed this time around.

Specifically, the proposal is being driven by the homeowners and not the city, according to Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti.  In addition, the parcels for sale would cost about $4 million, less than half of the previous cost for the proposal that was conceived two years ago.

While the public is welcome to listen to the discussion, the format and protocol of a Committee of the Whole meeting does not allow public comment, and, "at this time, the item to be discussed is the interest in city investment and acquiring appraisals," according to the letter from Boisits to the Common Council.

"Appraisals come first with potential offer to purchase and Council decision at a future Council meeting. Potential park amenities, in the event a purchase is completed, would be addressed with citizen input at the Parks and Recreation Board," he explained.

The Committee of the Whole will meet on Tuesday, August 23 at 6pm or directly after the Finance Committee meeting. The meeting will take place in the first floor Alderman's room

Simple Bacon August 24, 2011 at 01:39 AM
OK, after listening to the presentation to the COW I too am now very concerned about the potential for overcrowding at Idle Isle to result in someone getting shoved into the lake. Seriously....sounded like a threat in the presentation - buy these two properties or we will build 38 condos on the lake. To paraphrase Ald Snead "...one or the other is going to occur...".
Kammy August 24, 2011 at 02:17 AM
Muskego's residents should not feel "threatened' by the Dilworth proposal. It represents an opportunity lost or gained for the present as well as future generations.
Little Muskego Lake Owner August 29, 2011 at 05:17 PM
I'm all for development in Muskego. Let's face it our city is in dire need of some character and a reason for the people of Muskego to shop, eat and spend money in our own town instead of driving elsewhere. However, how much money is this going to cost you and me. For me, that's really the bottom line. Is it really fair for millionaires to get money from us to make more money? If Dilworth, (who never uses the lake by the way) really feels a warm fuzzy for the people of this town and so wants EVERYONE to see the beauty of the lake than he should donate it to the city like other magnanimous people did like the Horns and the Holtz'. Go ahead Dilworth, build your retail and your condos, truly make this a better town but I say do it on your own dime!
Kammy August 29, 2011 at 08:56 PM
Get yourself educated on this proposal. Wait to hear the cost, then learn how much this will increase your taxes before judging. It's time that more people get to enjoy little Muskego, not just lake owners. And, don't give me the same old garbage that we can all go to Idle Island or those wonderfully hidden lake accesses!
Robert Bueckers September 03, 2011 at 07:31 PM
Through all the comments I have read about the city purchasing this property with my tax money, I have not heard anything about the ugly tree farm in the middle of our existing downtown area. I realize there is a pending lawsuit between the city and the owner but I would think that no action would be taken on the Dilworth property until the tree farm issue is settled.


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