Crossing Guards Will Assist at Busiest Bayside Intersections

Police Department will provide training, vests and paddles.

Kids will travel through Bayside a little safer this summer. Volunteer crossing guards will help them get through some of the busiest intersections in Bayside.

At the meeting Thursday evening, the board unanimously approved an ordinance that gives volunteer crossing guards the legal right to stop traffic to assist kids, along with bright, high-visibility vests, signs and training.

"What this is doing is giving them legal authority," said Village Attorney Christopher Jaekels.

While these positions are voluntary, part of the ordinance states that the crossing guards are required to be trained and supervised by local police. Lt. Tom Henkel said that those bases are very well covered.

"They're not going to be darting out there," Henkel said. "The crossing guards are going to know exactly what to look for." He said officers will even set up cones so if a crossing guard is trying to determine whether to walk out into traffic, that cone will give them a point of reference to determine how close the approaching vehicle is to the crosswalk. 

The intersections that will be guarded include Brown Deer Road at Regent Road, and Brown Deer Road at Pelham Parkway.

"We're going to talk all about that, go over the law, emergency procedures. We've got paddles already, we'll get vests for them to wear so they'll be very visible. We'll be out there too," Henkel said.

In addition to this ordinance, the board also approved the following:

  • Four liquor licenses for individuals at , , and .
  • A resolution that address the redistricting process for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, requiring them to solicit suggestions from Bayside before completing the new district lines.
  • A resolution that allows Bayside to participate in a Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District program that will fix broken and damaged sewer pipes.
Kelly Roark Herda June 10, 2011 at 01:11 PM
Do we just stop by village hall to sign on as a volunteer?


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