Darling Praises Walker's Claim that Act 10 Saved $1 Billion

Sen. Alberta Darling praised the news Monday morning while Democrats, including Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, say the numbers don't add up.

Local lawmakers are praising Gov. Scott Walker’s announcement that the state’s controversial budget repair law that significantly limited public unions in collective bargaining has reached $1 billion in savings.

Walker appeared in Manitowoc Monday morning to make the announcement, calling it "a great day for the hardworking people of this state who pay for the expenses of government."

State Sen. Alberta Darling — who represents portions of Milwaukee and much of the North Shore including Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Fox Point and Bayside — said the governor's reforms mean more money goes directly into the classroom.

"Before the hands of school districts were tied with locked-in costs that kept going up and up," Darling said in a statement Monday. "Now there is flexibility to save money and put school children first. Not only do these reforms save money, they also let local officials use their common sense."

The $1 billion in tax savings was made in less than a year from when the law went into effect, according to a news release from the governor's office.

Melissa Baldauff, research director for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, responded to Walker’s announcement by saying the numbers do not add up.

“Like pretty much everything else Scott Walker says, this claim is a distortion of reality that is a blatant attempt to distract from Walker’s real record of failure and dishonesty,” Baldauff said in a memo to reporters.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who is one of four Democrats running in the gubernatorial recall primary against Walker, said the news is a distraction from the fact that under his Walker, the state has lost 4,300 private sector jobs — more jobs than any state in the country last year.

"What Walker isn't telling the people is that he made the deepest cuts to education in Wisconsin history, our state lost nearly 1,500 teacher positions over the past year, and we still have a $140 million budget deficit even though Walker raised fees on the people of Wisconsin by $110 million," he said. "This isn't a record to brag about — it’s a record that causes failed governors to be tossed from office."

dills April 24, 2012 at 03:38 PM
Bring on Tom Barrett! Maybe Patch can point out each and every time the MMSD Deep Tunnel dumps raw sewage into our precious natural resource Lake Michigan. He is ultimately responsible for MMSD and has does nothing to correct this....maybe he saved one billion gallons raw sewage from being processed by MMSD and he can be pround of it!
David Tatarowicz April 24, 2012 at 04:03 PM
@ Jay as you quoted from MJS "The j/s confirms about $840 million dollars, of the $1 Billion Dollars, that Walker has calculated in savings. The balance of the estimated saving, about $300 million dollars, is from local employees paying more for their health care;these figures are much more difficult to verify. (see the j/s link)" I was thinking about these savings this morning --- and it occurred to me that Walker has NOT saved any money, he has SHIFTED the costs from Peter to Paul. In essence he has selected a class of people (primarily teachers and government employees) to pay more so others can pay less. Just like the old game of replacing taxes with fees --- the costs are still there, it is just that only a certain "Class of Citizens" have to pay it. He is trying to do the same thing with medicaid costs --- just because you cut the rolls of medicare recipients, doesn't mean the costs have disappeared. In fact you will probably Raise the Costs, as those in need of medical services go to more expensive ER's than to medical clinics, and without preventive care, costs go way up. I have a friend on medicaid who just had a procedure to increase the blood flow to his legs --- he is fairly young and does not have diabetes. This treatment, paid for by medicaid will prevent his losing his legs, and incurring much greater costs for all of us in the future.
George Mitchell April 24, 2012 at 04:47 PM
Compared to the usual Shorewood input, these comments are a bit limp. Perhaps it is starting to sink in that the either outcome of the recall does not work so well for its advocates. If they lose, the likely but by no means certain result, the impact is clear and devastating (to the advocates). If they win, then what? Big tax increases? Restore bargaining and benefits and spur likely layoffs? No wonder neither Barrett nor Falk will articulate an agenda. And remember, it is they who complain Walker was unclear about his plans.
Jay Sykes April 24, 2012 at 06:14 PM
@David... I am concerned, and watch closely for evidence of incurring additional costs and lowering the quality level of services that we receive, by the resetting compensation at a lower levels for education and government employees.
maurice johnson April 25, 2012 at 12:17 PM
So George, maybe a tax increase wouldn't be so bad? In 1979, just before Reagan created trickle down, the top one percent of earners had 9% of all personal income. Now they have 25% and apparently will do all they can to keep that number moving up. And the top tenth of the one percent (think Koch bros.) have 10% of all personal income. Maybe they could pay a bit more? I know you have made your money being a shill and "statistician" for coorporations so maybe you think that is a bad idea? Maybe some of those corporations could pay a bit more too? Hmmm.... yeah I think so.


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