Delegates Say Democratic National Convention Brings Everyone Together

Describing the atmosphere as having "huge energy," delegates from Wisconsin say the Democratic National Convention brings people together around common interests that help all citizens.

at the Democratic National Convention says it's great fun even while she's constantly working because the goal is to move the country forward for the good of all citizens.

"Oh, it's great fun," said Meg Andrietsch, secretary of the state Democratic Party. "But you know, we're working hard, too, and learning a lot at the same time."

Patch reached Andrietsch Wednesday before the prime time events got underway with former President Bill Clinton headlining the evening.

Just that morning, Andrietsch said she attended a meeting for small business owners and what she got out of it was two-fold. First, she said she met entrepreneurs who gave examples of how policies under President Barack Obama’s administration helped them grow their companies. Second, she said the focus on small business helps people understand that Democrats are focused on companies, too.

"President Obama's tax credits for small businesses have helped owners re-invest in their companies so they can hire that one more person," Andrietsch said. "Some rules have changed, too, which make them more effective, and just goes to show how, with real people and their work, that business matters are not just the purview of the Republicans."

We told her that some comments on Patch have been critical of the caucuses and committees at the DNC, effectively flipping the script by naming the Republicans as the party of inclusion and the Democrats as the party of segregation.

"These different caucuses can be attended by anyone so there's no exclusion," Andrietsch explained. "But we have these groups to address issues that bring common interests together for stronger proposals that help all of us."

Patch also asked Andrietsch for feedback about the possibility that Clinton could draw a sharper line between what has been termed his successful presidency and Obama’s failures.

“So, the Republicans are mad because we have the last successful Democratic president speaking in support of our current president?” she asked. “The Republicans didn’t have a single past president at their convention to defend their position or their candidates.”

Andrietsch talked a little more about the differences between Clinton and Obama, pointing out that she thinks the real differences are evident in Congress.

“President Clinton balanced the budget, the country had great job creation and passed a surplus to President Bush,” she noted. “And he was able to do this because the Republican-controlled House and Senate were willing to work together with the White House. Now, we have a Republican Congress that only wants to obstruct and make sure President Obama fails instead of working together on initiatives so the whole country succeeds. That is the difference.”

The DNC ends Thursday after Obama delivers the final speech of the event.

H.E. Pennypacker September 12, 2012 at 06:54 PM
Obama just released a statement apologizing and said he hopes none of the attackers were injured in the process………. Obama looks like the fool he is …………… again.
Randy1949 September 12, 2012 at 07:05 PM
A statement like that requires a link to back it up.
Renee September 12, 2012 at 07:16 PM
Who would respect anything you say. Nothing but ranting and name calling.
FreeThought Troy September 13, 2012 at 02:42 PM
As the investigation is ongoing, the evidence is pointing more and more (I know-I know... evidence really doesn't make a difference to Tea Party Conservatives) toward a terrorist attack from either Al Quaeda or an Al Quaeda type group. Maybe we should all take the President's advice and keep out yaps shut until we know the facts. I know-I know.... Facts mean nothing to Tea Party Conservatives
FreeThought Troy September 13, 2012 at 02:49 PM
How did the Dixie Chicks fair when they said they were embarassed to be an American under George W. Bush? Oh, yeah - they were trashed for being Un-American. Alright H.E. This means you are Un-American. When can we expect you to leave the country? I would suggest Syria. They have a Conservative Dictator that has a strong hand toward gov. officials. He is a religious conservative, too. He sounds right up your alley.


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