Des Moines Register Endorses Mitt Romney; New York Times, Others, Go President Obama

The newspaper endorsement from The Register says Romney should be given a chance to correct country's fiscal course.

The Des Moines Register announced in an editorial  that it would back Mitt Romney for president in 2012.

The Register's decision comes as President Obama picked up endorsements from The Miami Herald, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the New York Times, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Toledo Blade and the Youngstown Vindicator. The Quad-City Times endorsed Romney.

The Register asked readers to give Romney "a chance to correct the nation’s fiscal course and to implode the partisan gridlock that has shackled Washington and the rest of America."

The Register, Iowa's largest newspaper, backed President Obama in 2008, and had not endorsed a Republican candidate since Richard Nixon in 1972. The paper's endorsement, posted on its web site Saturday and appearing in its print editions Sunday, says in part:

"There is not a lot of difference between the two candidates’ short-term economic plans, as both are heavy on a promise of tax cuts for the middle class but short on details. Romney’s plan, however, goes beyond helping the middle class with tax breaks.

"Throughout the campaign, he has expressed faith in the private sector to fuel a more robust economic recovery if it has more confidence that the federal government will not be an obstacle. Romney has a strategy for job growth through tax and regulatory relief for small businesses, encouraging all forms of domestic energy production, education that prepares graduates with job skills, expanding foreign trade and reducing the burden of federal deficits."

Karl T November 13, 2012 at 06:42 PM
Typical Conservative Chicken Little; everything is 'us' and 'you'. No wonder this country can't move forward on most issues. It's sad you're all too happy to wish misfortune and dispear on the country just because you didn't get your way and you lack the ability and skills to cope.
Joe Dygas November 13, 2012 at 07:01 PM
If more people had the ability to "cope" then they would have no need to vote for the socialist idiot. There are just way too many people who want something for nothing. If anything is a bunch of chicken littles' it is the liberal left which is constantly afraid of something and running to Uncle Sam for a handout. If anything is pathetic it is the folks who voted for the yahoo's...One thing for sure is that America is on the decline thanks to obama and his minions.
Julie Kirby November 13, 2012 at 07:32 PM
Sour grapes, Joe...
Karl T November 13, 2012 at 08:13 PM
I LOVE when people proclaim Obama a 'socialist'. 1) Even the Democratic Socialist of America, and Socialist Party USA, don't approve of Obama. They do not hesitate to declare his beliefs and actions are not aligned with theirs. 2) The only Obama program even bordering on 'socialism' is the health care initiative. Well, Romney did nearly the same thing in the State of Massachusetts. So, is it 'socialism' ecause it’s Obama, or do you openly proclaim Romney a 'socialist' as well? I’d wager that like people who don’t know the different between ‘capitalism’ and ‘free market’, you don’t know what socialism is. I had to laugh the last 2 weeks leading up to the election. The NRA had a pathetic, Pavlovian commercial about ‘Vote Freedom; Defeat Obama’, centered on Obama appointments to the Supreme Court leading to gun control measures. Fact of the matter is that outside of comments involving the need to (logically) prevent those with mental issues from obtaining weapons such as AK-47s, Obama hasn’t pushed for ANY new gun control measures. But you can certainly bet the NRA commercials had the ‘Calving-peeing sticker on their truck’ contingent all worked-up and scared.
Karl T November 13, 2012 at 08:17 PM
p.s. In 1790, the first Congress, including 17 signers of the Declaration of Independence, passed a bill requiring all ship owners provide medical insurance for their crews. That bill was signed into law by George Washington. And in 1798, Congress, including 5 signers of the Declaration, passed a bill requiring seamen buy insurance for themselves. That bill was signed into law by John Adams. Are you going to tell me that George Washington, John Adams, and many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were ‘socialists’?


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