Don't Call the Police; Call These Guys!

A few helpful numbers to remember when 911 isn't always the best number to call.

We all have known since we were old enough to pick up the telephone that 911 is that magic emergency number. However, what about those times when it's not quite an emergency, but there's definitely a need for help?

Capt. Scott McConnell with the says that in any situation where you may need help, it's best to call the police and let them decide if something is a true emergency. But just in case, here are a few helpful numbers in case it's not quite a life-or-death situation.

Critters, bugs and rodents

If you're having issues with any kind of critters - whether they be , rodents or insects - Advanced Wildlife Control in Mequon is where McConnell may send you. The business can be reached at 262-242-4390.

The company has worked with Bayside police on many occasions to help with coyotes building dens under decks, removing bees' nests and more.

Power outages and downed lines

If the power is out, McConnell said call WE Energies at 800-662-4797 once is a good idea, but there's no need to do so more than that. If you're interested in finding out if your area is a known outage spot, you can check out WE Energies outage map, which lists the outage type, how many customers are affected and how soon the problem should be fixed.

You can also call WE Energies if you potentially smell a gas leak, 800-261-5325, but you should also be sure to call 911 for a potential leak, so the can make sure your home is safe.

For downed power lines, McConnell says you would want to call WE Energies, but calling police is also a good idea so officers can block off the area and keep people safe until the energy company arrives.

Got water? Who to call for flood issues

If you have any flooding issues and you live in Bayside, you can use the village's Report a Concern application to document the issue, or call Village Hall at 414-351-8811.

For something like a broken water main, or if your water isn't working, in addition to reporting the concern on the village website, you can call Mequon Water Utility - if your water doesn't come from a well or water trust. They can be reached at 262-236-8150.

If you live in Fox Point, the best place to report a flood issue is with Village Hall, at 414-351-8900 if it's during normal business hours. After hours, please call the Police Department's non-emergency number, 414-351-8911.

A total lockout

Finally, especially with winter right around the corner, here's a good contact if you're locked out of your car. The Locksmith Referral Network will help you find a locksmith near you. Give the network a call at 414-LOCKOUT, or 414-562-5688.


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