Fox Point Best Buy the Only Location in Wisconsin Not Opening at Midnight for Black Friday

Best Buy in River Point Shopping Center will open at 5 a.m. on Black Friday.

As Best Buy stores across the country open at midnight Friday morning, the in Fox Point will be quiet on the set, waiting until 5 a.m. to open in accordance with their conditional use permit from the village.

Village Manager Susan Robertson said Best Buy could have submitted an application in October to change their hours, however nothing has been turned in. And residents don't seem to mind the regularly scheduled hours staying traditional.

"I live in Fox Point because it's quiet here at midnight to 3 a.m. so it's fine they stay closed," resident Peter Stark said in a Facebook post. "After that man was trampled ... in New York during one of these midnight madness events it's just not worth it."

Robertson said the village typically likes to have businesses open during regular business hours in Fox Point in order to minimize disruption to residents.

"Because we’re primarily a residential community, and there is an apartment complex across the way, the board has in the past been concerned that there isn’t too much activity that could be disturbing," Robertson said. "That’s generally why businesses have set hours, to help them fit into the residential character of the neighborhood."

Diane Last of Fox Point said she thinks it's better for stores not to open at midnight on Friday because it allows them to spend more time at home with family.

"I think it's great because peace and quiet outweigh the benefits," Darren Fisher, of Bayside said in a Facebook post.

Some employees have protested the midnight openings of Best Buy and other stores for having them work the night of Thanksgiving.

"I would like people to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving without having to decide whether or not to leave early from family time for shopping," Last said in a Facebook post.


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