Footbridge Fundraiser Falls Short of Goal

Because the group only raised one-third of the required funds, Fox Point trustees are wondering whether they should extend the fundraising deadline or put an end to the project.

The Bridge Lane Ravine footbridge project is in jeopardy, after supporters only raised one-third of the money required. 

The Fox Point Village Board must now decide what to do. Options include extending the fundraising deadline, giving supporters another chance to raise $600,000 toward the $1.2 million project, paying for the repairs with municipal funds or removing the bridge connecting Barnett and Bridge lanes. 

In April, so they could lead a fundraising campaign to raise $625,000, half the anticipated project cost. The resolution said the board could reconsider the project if Footbridge Friends failed to meet its fundraising goal by Jan. 31.

At a Tuesday night board meeting attended by 50 residents, Footbridge Friends President Barbara Schwartz told trustees the fundraising group has raised $212,000. The group raised money from 150 different people, with the largest pledge coming in at $25,000.

Fox Point Village President Michael West said the board will decide at its next meeting to either remove, repair or replace the 100-year-old bridge, which has been closed since October 2010. He said he hopes to have more details about cost estimates acquired over the last three years, as well as how much has already been spent.

Bridge supporters ask for extension

The 50 residents at the meeting were mostly in support of the project, saying they use the bridge to bike, bird and enjoy nature.

“The footbridge is more than a bridge,” said John Emory, Sr., a  45-year Fox Point resident. “It’s integral to the village and important to the history of the village.”

Lake Drive resident Rosemary Cavaluzzi said the bridge is valued in Fox Point, as well as by residents in Glendale and Whitefish Bay.

"It’s a North Shore gem. Aren’t we lucky to have it in Fox Point?" Cavaluzzi said. "It’s your duty to preserve it."

Club Circle resident Barbara Fuldner said future generations of Fox Point children deserve to see a glimpse of nature from the bridge as the North Shore gets more urban.

"When I’m standing on the bridge, I stand there and think about what it was like 100 years ago when there were no houses there," she said.

"You're just kicking a dead horse" 

Santa Monica Boulevard resident Anne Sachse said the board was hearing skewed pro-bridge input from residents on Barnett Lane and Bridge Lane at Tuesday night's meeting. 

Outside of the residents east of Lake Drive, Sachse said the Village Board has not effectively communicated the details of the project to all Fox Point residents.

"If we have money to toss in a fireplace, fix the bridge," Sachse said. "Until you properly inform every single taxpayer in this village where their money is going, I don't think you are doing 100 percent of the residents a service."

Larry Booth, a longtime opponent of the footbridge project, said the group's failure to raise the full amount of funds by Jan. 31 is similar to a failed referendum because it shows the community does not support the project. 

"What more evidence do you need? You have studied and debated this project for more than three years, and now you’ve got the results of your referendum," Booth said. "There’s nothing left to do. At this point you’re just kicking a dead horse. It’s time to live up to your referendum promise and your fiscal responsibility as Trustees and guardians of the taxpayer’s money." 

During his presentation, Booth held up a shirt he created that said "I spent $3 million of taxpayer money on a footbridge," daring the trustees to wear the shirt at the Fourth of July parade.

How much will the bridge cost?

Bridge construction costs submitted over the last couple years range from $1.1 million to $1.7 million, said Scott Brandmeier, the director of public works.

But those costs do not paint a complete picture, said Booth, who puts the price of the project at $2.8 million.

Booth's cost estimates are based off of Boldt Company's highest construction cost estimate of $1.7 million. Booth also included $255,000 to tear down the old bridge, $140,000 in engineering fees, an estimated $175,000 in construction inspections and the $30,000 village loan to the fundraising group.

Brandmeier said those costs seem reasonable, but couldn't speak to the viability of the $500,000 Booth allocated for interest costs or the $25,000 that Booth allocated to legal and administrative costs.

Until the bids are let, Brandtmeier said it's difficult to give an accurate cost estimate because construction costs vary greatly, depending on the contractor that gets – or doesn't get – the job.

Brandmeier is working with a consulting firm to design the bridge and draft bid documents for contractors by the end of this month. The Village Board has not directed Brandmeier to bid out the document at this time, nor has the board taken a position on whether the bridge should be removed, rehabbed or replaced.

Absolutelyfabulous February 14, 2013 at 01:31 AM
Club Circle resident Barbara Fuldner said future generations of Fox Point children deserve to see a glimpse of nature from the bridge as the North Shore gets more urban. "When I’m standing on the bridge, I stand there and think about what it was like 100 years ago when there were no houses there," she said. ________________________________________________ Barbara- In case you are not aware of this, I am happy to pass along this information for not only you but all of the future generations of all the deserving Fox Point children. Located in "Aren't we lucky we live in Fox Point" a hop, skip & a jump away is Doctor's Park and all of it's natural glory w/ 55 acres and beach front access. Also, for all of those future generations of Fox Point children is the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center right next door to Doctors Park w/ a WHOPPING 185 acres of woodland, 6 miles of trails and beach front access as well.... Memberships- •Individual $50: •Individual +2 $65: •Family $60: . •Family +2 $75: A hell of a lot cheaper to become a member of the Schlitz Audubon vs paying $1-2,000,000 for a couple hundred feet of bridge in a secluded residential area of Fox Point. ________________________________ BTW, if or I should say WHEN this fundraising effort is extended by the trustee's, how much more money will the Footbridge Friends receive via taxpayer funds to drum up more donations via their wine get togethers?
Don Jacobs February 14, 2013 at 12:58 PM
This is a neighborhood amenity - not an amenity benefiting the village population in general. Yes, it is a cool bridge and yes, it is a wonderful amenity for the few that use it. However, the cost estimates are ridiculous and should not be a burden to the Village population. Where are the "patrons" of Fox Point...why does this project not have a financial benefactor? The proponents of this project need to find a financial benefactor interested in preserving this amenity...it is not the financial responsibility of the general population of the Village residents.
Absolutelyfabulous February 14, 2013 at 01:30 PM
Also, what strings are being pulled that are/have been keeping this issue from being brought before the full village population for a referendum/vote vs dragging this out over & over for how many months/years and throwing more & more taxpayer monies at this situation to keep it alive? Why can't the Trustees, who were voted into office to oversee the interests of ALL of the residents of Fox Point, do their job and put this issue to ballot so that all residents can have a say in how their taxes are spent vs just a fraction of residents who have a very special interest this bridge but not so much that they want to pay for it.
patti benson February 15, 2013 at 03:45 AM
We need a referendum on this just like we had for more money for our children's education. Bridge vs education, bridge vs swimming pool, bridge vs skating rink, new trees, street repairs, lower taxes. Choices, not just for few Fox Point residence but for all! We need a village board that is fair, honest and has the guts to do the right thing.
Mike February 15, 2013 at 10:49 PM
Wow, the fact that this has been considered and propped up for this long is just ridiculous. Not even at the lowest levels of government can common sense prevail, and this proves it. $1.5M for a footbridge? As someone posted above, the north shore is not lacking in beautiful landscapes (Doctors, Nature Center, Klode, etc). I cannot imagine that there are not much more useful ways for this amount of money to be spent!
Independent Mind February 15, 2013 at 11:21 PM
Mike, we wish it was "only" $1.5 million. As Booth pointed out it is actually closer to $2.88 million based on estimates developed by the village's own consultants and village staff. But the Village Board refuses to admit it publicly, hoping they can keep it a secret form taxpayers.
Kathy Pykett February 18, 2013 at 01:40 PM
We need to have a referendum on this issue!
Absolutelyfabulous February 18, 2013 at 03:00 PM
In reference to the above membership fees for the Schlitz Audubon... Fox Point has a population of roughly 6,700. Now, for an example..Let's say each household averages 3 persons. If every household bought a Family Membership to the Schlitz Audubon and it's 185 acres of nature/classes/programs/presentations/events the total cost would come to $137,000 ((6,700 population / 3 = 2,333 families * $60 (family membership cost) = $137,000)) Big difference between that and $1-2,000,000 possibly close to $3,000,000 for a footbridge a couple of hundred in length that only a small fraction of residents will utilize/enjoy. BTW, Doctor's Park is free. Bonus. Also, has there been any total released/available to the residents/taxpayers of Fox Point on how much $$$ has already been spent on consultants/studies/engineers/expert opinions for this footbridge so far?
Pete February 18, 2013 at 03:58 PM
Let's say that 5% of the population of Fox Point (call that 330 people) would use/enjoy this footbridge on a regular basis. What about the other 95%. Should all others (perhaps in groups of 330) also get to spend $2 million of "our" money on things that are so very important to them, perhaps in other parts of the village? If every "5% group" indulged in this, we'd spend $40 million, which is obviously impossible. My point - spend your own money for such indulgences...we've got kids to educate and roads to pave and we're trying to do these basic things well in a time of intense global economic stress.
Barbara Fuldner February 19, 2013 at 08:30 PM
AbsolutelyFabulous, you have challenged me so I am responding to you directly. The thoughts I expressed at the meeting are mine and I will stand by them. 1. I am aware. Yes, I AM aware of the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center and Doctors Park, both of which I mentioned, along with other village assets, as being important to our community identity. I have long been a member - and supporter - of the Audubon Center, and my son's Eagle Scout project helped revitalize Indian Creek Park. I am a regular at the Fox Point Farmers' Market. I support Fox Point. I am able to and that is my choice. It is also my choice to support the Bridge, to which I have already made a pledge. 2. The issue is complicated. Attend Village Board meetings. I have attended at least three of the Village Board meetings regarding the bridge in order to hear the discussions on both sides, as I have done in the past when other issues of interest have been discussed. All village residents have that opportunity and are invited to attend the VillageBoard meetings. This bridge discussion is complicated. The Board has been careful not to ram the project though without weighing those issues including the input village residents have brought up at the meetings. The Board isn't there yet. Hopefully, in the very near future, there will be a better fix on the direction the Board is suggesting and costs for that. (cont.)
Barbara Fuldner February 19, 2013 at 08:51 PM
3. Private support is positive, but needs time & definition.It is very positive that the Board is allowing village residents (and possibly others), who have the means, to lessen the burden on those residents who feel they do not have the means or have other priorities.Allowing residents to chip in is a good formula in these tight times and will be a good one in the future, when other projects, like the pool renovations, are brought up.The FB Friends very much want this project to move ahead.They have spent an inordinate amount of personal, volunteer time & effort establishing the groundwork for fundraising in a professional manner, using legal & other counsel to ensure the professional handling of residents' money.Setting up those systems was imperative to the long term viability of their efforts.Only with this foundation are they now are in a good position to reach out to a broader audience.Right now though, until the Board has defined what is being asked of the residents, it is difficult for the Friends to clearly translate that to potential supporters. Conclusion: Please give this a little more time. The Board is close to a better definition of the project.Do take part. Do ask questions and attend the meetings.Be appreciative of the Board, whom you elected. And be appreciative of residents who have made and may make the choice to personally support our community on the Bridge project, lessening the burden for other residents. Barbara Fuldner, FP resident since 1978.
Bob Cory February 25, 2013 at 07:02 PM
You are catching on!
Bob Cory February 25, 2013 at 07:03 PM
You are absolutely correct! Where is the village voice?


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