Greendale Residents Might See a 0.8% Increase in Property Taxes

The Village Board will make the decision to pass the 1.2 percent tax levy increase on December 4.

The Greendale Finance Committee approved a proposed 2013 budget to send to the board that included a 1.2 percent tax levy increase.

Committee members said on Monday that even though the tax levy increased 1.2 percent, from $9.1 to $9.2 million, residents would only see about 0.8% increase on their property tax bill.

Village Manger Todd Michaels said this is because the Village got slightly larger with new development, such as the Southridge Mall area, and the assessed value increased.

Assuming assessments stay the same, an average Greendale homeowner—with a property value of $201,272—would see their village taxes increase by $13.45, to $1,567.56 from $1,554.11, according to a memo from Village Manager Todd Michaels.

The 2013 proposed village budget of $13,938,024 is down one percent from 2012.  said Village Manager Todd Michaels.

Members were also split between budgeting one or two cars for the Greendale Police Department.

The budget also includes $470,000 for road repair. All board members at the meeting were in agreement with this number, except for Trustee Carl Genz who called for a $70,000-$100,000 reduction.

The Village Board will approve the final budget on December 4 at Village Hall at 7 p.m.

Jason Dembosky November 27, 2012 at 11:44 PM
You'll be lucky to see a 0.8% increase. I'm expecting a 3-5% increase. (Did anybody see last year's tax bell curve?) There's no mention of the assessment ratio changing. So, if property values go up, so will your tax bill. Again, depending on what happens with the assessment ratio, MATC taxes, Lottery Credit, etc. I read the 2012 budget a few weeks ago. So, now I'll have to compare it to 2013's (which I also urge other residents to do as well). We need more people like Carl to be on watch for overspending. Lastly, I think the last sentence should read "will vote to approve".
Greendale Citizen November 28, 2012 at 01:18 PM
With all the new additions to the village...Walmart, new restaurants, the senior living center, etc. we shouldn't be seeing any tax increases. These were going to bring taxes to the village, not increase the rest of our taxes.
J. B. Schmidt November 28, 2012 at 03:30 PM
Here is the issue I have with this. As it turns out they are taking the additional revenue and putting it into to savings account. With housing values currently on the rise the projected increase will mostly likely be greater then expected. Assuming the the Federal Government can pulls it head out of its butt and avoid the fiscal cliff, the economy will rebound, housing values will go up causing an increase in revenue at the current tax rate. If the feds fail, then the economy will tank and we will have less money to use for our own families while the village pads its savings account. Money being used by citizens in the economy will do better for Greendale then money sitting in a fund balance collecting dust. Lets worry about future expenditures later when we can be taxed for the exact amount needed, not some arbitrary number.
Jason Dembosky December 05, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Thank you, Village Board, for keeping the Greendale Taxes near the zero mark. 0.8% isn't all that bad, considering the hard economic times we are all facing. To President Hermes' comment, it's a shame that we couldn't get our Police Chief the squad car that he wanted and trimmed his budget for. I would hope that 2013 brings in more revenue (mainly from WalMart opening), that we can re-add this to the 2014 budget. I also commend Carl Genz for looking for alternate ways to "chip away" just a little more to get to that ZERO mark.
Jason Dembosky December 05, 2012 at 06:56 PM
Although Greendale kept its end of the deal, MATC, MMSD, and the County did not. Look for a 4-6% increase on those taxes. So, recommenting on my statement on November 27th, you will probably see a tax increase, but you cannot direct your blame to the Village. We, as a community, need to find out "why" these outside taxes keep increasing...mainly the MATC tax.


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