Mayor To Meet With VP on Gun Law Changes

Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi is traveling to Washington, D.C. this week and will be part of a meeting on gun violence with Vice President Joe Biden.

Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi is traveling to Washington, D.C. this week and will be part of a meeting on gun violence with Vice President Joe Biden, according to a WTMJ-TV report.

Scaffidi leaves Wednesday for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and while there will be part of a select group meeting with Biden, according to the report.

Biden is leading a task force seeking remedies for gun violence and is expected to present a comprehensive package of proposals soon.

The mayor has been outspoken about the need to come up with solutions to gun violence. When Biden's task force launched shortly following the shootings in Newtown, Scaffidi joined other mayors, including those in Aurora, Colorado and Blacksburg, Va., on a conference call with Biden.

Scaffidi previously told Patch that as the mayor of a city that went through a mass shooting, he feels an obligation to be an active participant in the debate. He organized a community forum Saturday that focused on how each person can play a role in preventing the acts of violence seen in Newtown and the Oak Creek Sikh temple.

Scaffidi said Saturday's forum is only the starting point of what will be an ongoing conversation.

"I've said all along this is not going to be an easy thing, but I think I tried to pinpoint there can be some easy parts to it," he said in an interview following the event. "The little things in life that make us more safe, make us more secure."

vocal local 1 January 18, 2013 at 07:58 AM
Hey Logical, Do we ever get honest answers "if" were even allowed to ask? Have we received any feedback from their trip to Vegas? Not that I'm aware of and How much did it cost? I couldn't get the numbers or again the projected costs of either Scaffidi or Edwards trips about the country. These guys can't answer our questions but they are representing you and I in forums? Do you really think they are competent to do such when they can't manage their own affairs in our town? I certainly don't. I cringe to think Edwards was at John Hopkins. Did he add anything constructive to that group? Why was he there and just what came out of it that is beneficial to our city? Were a blue collar community that votes republican. We have a president that claims victory with a 4.5% tax increase. A president that wants 23 empty executive orders on gun violence and forgets gun violence is only 20% of the violence problem and isn't the cause but the action. Were in deep trouble as a nation when we can't even control local politicians. HE shouldn't even be a member of the Mayors against illegal guns, He shouldn't be in Washington on the tax dime. He should be here promoting open discussion and promoting our views not those of government is my best take.
Be Logical January 19, 2013 at 03:03 AM
"Rosie," what trip to Vegas? I have complete faith in the Mayor and Chief. They are wonderful representatives of our city. And the fact that other people/organizations invite them to attend conferences, tells me others feel the same way. Learning new things at the US Mayors convention cannot hurt anybody. From what I read on their website, over 300 mayors are in attendance. Getting new ideas and sharing OC ideas is not a bad thing------ it's called collaborative learning.
Patriot January 19, 2013 at 03:12 AM
@Logical-You really need to take some time and better inform yourself. The Mayor has joined a select group of Mayors, called Mayors against guns!! The recent trip to DC was just that. A sit down with VP Biden to discuss gun control initatives. Im sure learning what he can do legally without violating the Constitution. Stop kidding yourself Logical. Just a New York rammed thru their anti gun agenda with one BIG MISTAKE. Making a magazine holding more than 7 rounds illegal along with assualt weapons. What they forgot to consider was law enforcement. So now law enforcement if in a tactical situation can only have 7 rounds in their weapons. OOOOOOPS CLOWNS
vocal local 1 January 19, 2013 at 07:53 AM
Patriot, Help me out. I don't like CC. I want to know who is carrying a gun where ever I am. Seems to me that CC was banned historically for this reason. The honest gunman strapped his gun to his hip for the world to see. Gun laws are getting beyond the ability for the common man to follow and understand. Coming back from Florida zipping thru dry states the club car closed and opened accordingly. We didn't lose our drinks or have to leave the club car just couldn't buy until the train was out of the county. Seems to me county govt. should step up and pass law governing CC or better yet abolish existing gun laws banning shooting a gun in the county. Did you read this week about all the BB gun vandalism here in OC? I remember being most upset when I read my son had a weapons charge for shooting a pellet gun. Further, the charge did not read that the gun was a pellet. Sneaky, Sneaky, cops no wonder I don't respect or admire them in any form or shape.
Be Logical January 20, 2013 at 04:03 AM
Where has the mayor gone besides DC for the US Mayors Conference?


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