Milwaukee County Election Preview

Four countywide officeholders are running unopposed.

Four top Milwaukee County officeholders are up for re-election in November - and each is running unopposed. All are Democrats.

They include District Attorney John Chisholm. Chisholm began his career in the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office as an assistant prosecutor in 1994. One of his focuses in office has been community prosecution.

He was first elected District Attorney in 2006, replacing retiring longtime D.A. E. Michael McCann. District Attorneys in Wisconsin serve four-year terms. Chisholm earns $128,516 a year.

The other County officeholders are:

  • County Clerk Joseph Czarnezki. He was first elected to his position in 2008. Czarnezki is a former State Assembly and State Senate member. He has served in other government positions in Milwaukee, such as Executive Director of the Fire and Police Commission and City of Milwaukee budget director. He earns $84,276.
  • County Treasurer Daniel Diliberti. Diliberti is a former County Supervisor. He has also been a Peace Corps volunteer and fiscal analyst for Milwaukee County. He was elected County Treasurer in 2004. He earns $83,776.
  • County Register of Deeds John La Fave.  He was elected Register of Deeds in 2003, after serving in the state Legislature for 10 years. He earns $83,776.


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