Milwaukee County Readies For Winter Weather

Snowplow Driver Appreciation Day is Monday.

The Milwaukee County Department of Transportation is gearing up for another Wisconsin winter, but it will take a brief pause Monday to recognize Snowplow Driver Appreciation Day.

County Executive Chris Abele will visit the main shop, 10320 W. Watertown Plank Road, at 1:30 p.m. to meet with plow drivers and learn how the county is preparing for the incoming winter weather.

"Snowplow drivers work diligently to provide the crucial task of keeping highways and expressways within the county safe and passable for residents and employees during the winter," Abele said in a news release. "They work long, irregular hours and put themselves in danger to ensure the roads are safe for us. I think it's important to take time and realize how vital they are to safe commuting in the winter."

Milwaukee County maintains approximately 2,300 miles of roadway, according to the news release. The fleet is made up of 55 trucks and a crew of 110 snowplow drivers, who are split between two shifts.

Between three shops, Milwaukee County holds approximately 34,000 tons of salt onsite each winter.

On average, Milwaukee County receives 47 inches of snow during the winter, which plow drivers are responsible for removing from all county and state trunk highways, such as College Avenue in Oak Creek, and expressways.

workers are responsible for the rest of the Oak Creek's streets.


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