Muskego Council Revisits Lake Park Plan, But Only On The Agenda

Council members did not bring discussion to floor, therefore vote in favor of lake park stands.

The Muskego Common Council had the opportunity to discuss a reconsideration of the resolution to purchase two parcels of land, known as the Dilworth/Cherek properties at its meeting at Lake Denoon Middle School Tuesday night.

However, no discussion was brought to the floor for the reconsideration, as it is only allowed by 'yea' votes on the resolution (Aldermen Snead, Werner, Schaumber and Fiedler cast these votes on Jan. 24). As none of these Aldermen brought the measure to the floor, discussion was nil, and the 4-3 decision in favor of the resolution stood.

However, the evening was not without some initial confusion regarding parlimentary procedure.

Tracy Snead asked to address the council after the opportunity to discuss had passed, and suggested an ad hoc committee be formed among all parties, for example representatives Muskego Proud, Muskego for Ethical Government and the Parks Board. Snead said the job of this committee would be to work on the question of costs, which she said seemed to be the greatest concern.

However, because the suggestion was placed under 'communications and miscellaneous business' no further formal discussion could be brought to the floor because (per parlimentary procedure) as the specific topic was not originally on the agenda. A future council meeting will allow for such discussion among all of the council members.

Simple Bacon February 15, 2012 at 03:58 PM
An ad hoc commitee should have happened prior to a resolution to purchase the land. This is what has been asked for all along...a plan BEFORE spending millions. Now it's reported that we all just want to weigh in what color the band shell will be etc. Parks Dept. has said they have zero budget for this park. That should have been discussed prior to purchasing the land. So, sorry but a commitee to no figure out what to do with $3.55M in land is not what was being asked for. Is the Council thinking that a commitee comprised of citizens is going to come up with the $$ to build this park and maintain it? Spin it as you will...this commitee, after the fact, is not what people were asking for. They wanted the deliberations to happen before the fact. I'm just dumbfounded by how our government works. And just cannot understand how this became such a priority to the Council that with all the projects going on in Muskego, with all the dead spots along Janesville Rd, that this is what they needed to be Jammin' down the pike.
JBean February 15, 2012 at 05:27 PM
I agree!!
Bryan K. February 15, 2012 at 09:27 PM
Mr. Karpowitz, Obviously you don't know how the city government works in terms of new construction of businesses. The city can't just say no to a business because of the name on the building. This is what was said when Walmart was proposed in 2008. Speaking of that, Walmart WAS NOT the reason why Sport Shack closed. If you have examined the plans for Janesville Road, you would know that Michi Drive and Westwood Drive are being realigned so that it will be a 4-way intersection. This required the destruction of the Sport Shack. Also, the owners of the Sport Shack retired, sold their business to the county, and moved to Florida. So, no, Walmart did not impact the Sport Shack closure. If this were to be the case, the Muskego Bait Shop and Johnny's Bait Shop wouldn't have opened to fill the Sport Shack's void. Also, you make mention of the three new auto parts stores. Yes, I would agree that Muskego has an overabundance of auto parts stores, but they didn't open to "kill" the Bumper to Bumper auto shop that has been here the longest. They opened purely for business reasons. (FYI, Muskego Auto is the Firestone dealer, who doesn't sell auto parts).
Bryan K. February 15, 2012 at 09:33 PM
(continued) You also make mention of Walgreens. For many years, Walgreens was in the Pick n Save plaza, until a corporate decision was made to have all new stores to be freestanding. This is why it was built on Racine and Janesville. However, the store moved from a centrally located location to one that favored Muskego's west side. This is why in 2005, they constructed a new store on Janesville and Sandalwood. This was purely a business decision. Lastly, just as Denise said, North Shore Bank was NOT required to be Prairie style because it is not in the Moorland South Design Guide District (neither is Walmart, which is why they aren't completely Prairie-style). I will agree with you that when the PC denied Kohl's request to remodel was silly. However, at the next meeting, they are recommending approval of the plans. Yes, local small businesses are needed. However, larger, national chains are inevitable. The Moorland corridor in New Berlin and Muskego is expected to be a hot development district in the next 10 years. This area serves approximately 65,000+ residents of Muskego, New Berlin, Hales Corners, and more. We can't change the past, but Muskego's business plans for the future look promising once we get some office buildings built that keep the city's daytime population up. It also helps to make sure everything people say in these comments are truthful. Spreading lies will not help people stop the park!
Lawrence Roethle February 17, 2012 at 02:30 AM
First of all, you have a fire dept. in front of this thing, and the 295 feet of street frontage is not what I call a great view of the lake as someone once said. By the time you turn your head to look, you've passed it. So what next, we have to move the fire dept.? You know what gets me is that they have the parkland mall issue, no money for the parks dept., and yet they want to spend millions on this? Because they think it will draw business? Are you kidding me? What? First you need to fiqure out the parkland mall issue to see what kind commercial developement you get there. Then you pursue other ideas. If the parks dept. has financial problems, why would you even think of creating another park? Oh yeah, they said we can afford it. We just can't maintain it. I'm sure the money already spent on studies is enough to make your head spin, cause they can't make common sense decisions on their own. I thought we elected a conservative mayor, and yet she's the biggest cheerleader. I wonder why.


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