Muskego Petition Drive Hopes to Reach Goal Soon

Despite some logistical snags, group is confident they will get enough signatures to turn into clerk's office.

Lorie Oliver, spokesperson for Muskego for Ethical Government, has been a busy lady.

With phones ringing and the challenge of putting signature collectors where those who want to sign a petition to halt the purchase process of land along Janesville Road on Little Muskego Lake, Oliver said she's been putting in long hours.

Unless Muskegoans have been living under a rock, it's no news that the drive has been centered on preventing a final sale of the Dilworth and Cherek properties for $3.55 million by the city. The Common Council voted 4-3 in favor of the purchase Tuesday night.

The split vote was indicative as well of the residents who came to speak that night. While a vocal majority against the vote was noted, residents who spoke in favor of the project were equally as passionate. They felt the group's fears over taxes was unfounded, and that it represented a great opportunity for the city to capitalize on its greatest asset, the lake.

The trick for the opposition has now been to put homeowners who want to sign together with signature collectors. The group has resisted the idea of setting up in front of a public place, fearing negative reaction. However, Oliver said there will be someone manning a table with a sheet that residents can sign on Saturday, Jan. 28, in front of the old Spitzner's Floral on Janesville (S76 W17822) from 9am to about 6pm.

She also offered an information line for people who may not be able to make it, but who would like to sign. The phone number for that is 262-679-2540.

Organizers would not say how many signatures they have currently, but are confident that they would be able to turn in enough signatures very soon.

Suzi Link January 28, 2012 at 03:37 AM
Denise, Sorry, but you have your facts "twisted" regarding DNR requirements. There are "Public Launches", "Lake Access Lots", "City Parks" and the "City-Owned Access" shared with Tres Locos Restaurant on Little Muskego Lake (LML). All "Lake Access Lots" on LML ARE CITY PARKS, controlled by the City's Parks and Recreation Department (Park & Rec). The DNR DOES NOT REQUIRE "Lake Access Lots". These are, for the most part, non-conforming lots which gradually reverted to the City for unpaid taxes. "Lake Access Lots" are operated and maintained (or not maintained) by Park & Rec. I agree that there is not enough off-road parking at these lots: LML residents and others have asked Park & Rec to provide off-road parking with no results. "Public Launches" ARE required by the DNR. They can be private-for-profit or City-owned. LML has far more "Public Launches", including parking facilities, than required by the DNR, All "Public Launches" on LML are owned/operated by Park & Rec, including Idle Isle Park and the over-flow parking 1 block away at Park Arthur. (Incidentally, not $1 the City earns at "Public Launches" comes back to LML) The hybrid "City-Owned Access" subidized byTres Locos Restaurant on Lake Drive is unique as it is the only City-owned lake lot NOT under control of Parks & Rec.
Gregory Kluck January 28, 2012 at 04:11 PM
When I first started working in Muskego, I really liked the drive in looking at the lake as I went. Slowly the view was eliminated when the condos were built and the two residences in question were built. Not that a "view" is all that important, but I enjoyed it and was the impetus of my moving to Muskego. It's an expensive bit of property for the city to purchase, but I favor it. Could it maybe be brought up to the property owners to donate part of the value to lower the cost to the city? Hence, they could name the park after one or both of the families that own the property. I knew Mr Cherek through his dealership when I was restoring an older Mercury, and through his frequent attendance of car shows in the Metro Milwaukee area and even my little cruise night. RIP Dewey.
Muskego Mike January 29, 2012 at 02:27 AM
Great to see the residents of Muskego come together in a postivie cause. Plenty of business in front of the old Spitzner's Floral on Janesville (S76 W17822) from 9am to about 6pm. Business was brisk!!!
Simple Bacon January 29, 2012 at 04:20 AM
It is amazing to see the level of support for transparent, ethical, and accountable government (underline accountable). It seems that the energy transcends this one issue. Let's hope this is just the begining of a new era in Muskego!
Robert M. Lucas January 30, 2012 at 12:25 AM
Some of these studies were supplied to all the alderman. Thank you Christine for finding even more independent evidence. Alderman were informed prior to voting.


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