New Start at Former Foxy’s Location Encounters Snags

New tenants revamp and redecorate, hoping to open in December, but encounter problems in necessary city approvals.

A new beginning for the bar formerly known as Foxy’s has gotten off to a rocky start in gaining necessary city approvals.

The business owner, Troy Pokut of West Bend, has filed a change of occupancy permit with the city and is pursuing licenses to open a new bar and restaurant, Deville’s Lounge.

However, Pokut and his business partner Christian Zaja of Port Washington are encountering difficulties overcoming Foxy’s reputation.

“I don’t think the council wants another Foxy’s-type of bar in the downtown, especially next to a building that will be the cornerstone for future downtown development,” City Administrator Mark Grams said in a report to the Port Washington Common Council.

Tuesday night, the common council’s finance committee tabled action on the licenses for Deville’s Lounge based on the recommendation of City Attorney Eric Eberhardt.

Eberhardt said that, according to city ordinance, the police and fire chiefs and the building inspector need to complete inspections and investigations before the city approves or denies the licenses. Inspections still need to be completed by the fire and building inspectors, Eberhardt said.

Grams and Police Chief Kevin Hingiss recommended denying the license, according to Gram’s report.

Pokut and Zaja say the new bar will be different than Foxy’s.

Deville’s will have a more of a lounge atmosphere, Zaja said, and will include couches, chairs and tables. They're redecorating, hanging chandeliers, sanding and painting.

“With the changes in the décor, we’re making it nicer, I think,” he said. Zaja said their target clientele is all ages, “older 20’s and all the way up.”

“We want everyone – all ages – to enjoy themselves,” he said.

Zaja acknowledges that there’s been “a lot of concern” by the public but that they are working to get rid of the old reputation.

To address concerns, they’re adding a 24-hour surveillance system with night vision and security staff, Zaja said.

“We want people to have a fun time but we also want them to stay safe,” he said.

That Zaja is a former bartender of Foxy’s which might be one stumbling block but Zaja said he was only an employee and didn’t have a say in how it was run.

He also said that his experience with Foxy’s has been useful in improving the bar: “I know what needs to be changed.”

Zaja said he and Koput respect the community and the downtown area and want to see it improved, too.

“My goal is that I want to be of good stature in the community,” Koput told the finance committee.

“Main Street has been doing a lot and we want to be right there with them,” Zaja said.

Terry November 29, 2012 at 06:22 PM
No Dave... Wrong again. It was a Saukville cop, and different bar.
Christian Zaja December 07, 2012 at 10:03 PM
Concerned citizen aka Brandi Seltrect or Rachel Viesellman . Bills ankle was broken by two patrons in that bathroom. I was not even working that night. Those said people were charged. Bill(whose ankle was broken) came into Foxys several times and even years later to visit me. I find the above statement comical.
Christian Zaja December 07, 2012 at 10:03 PM
Hi. I am Christian Zaja. I am 39 years old with two children, a wife and a home in this community. I have bartended for 8 years in this town, in several establishments. Since my name is being slung through the mud by everyone, I just wanted to share some things with you all. 1. I was never any type of manager or had anything to do with any decision making at the former Foxys. I was merely an employee. 2 I am not a "owner", partner or any such with Deville's. My name is not on any license application, lease or the LLC. 3. Yes I have an owi almost 7 years ago and my other ticket is for being in a licensed establishment after hours. I am a licensed bartender who happened to work at that establishment.. Hmmm? well anyways I paid my fine and it was a municipal ticket. Hardly a hardened criminal record 4 Due to all this finger pointing at me I am no longer associated with Deville's Lounge. 5 We did/do have a busness plan. 6 We went to Chief, building inspector and al parties concerned prior to the 1st meeting of the licensing. Building inspection has nothing to do with license approval only to do with building safety prior to opening and actually these issues are all the same issues that have been pending for several years and not addressed by the city. If Foxy's was such a "bad" place and building has not been in code for several years, then why was the licensed renewed on July 1st?
Christian Zaja December 07, 2012 at 10:03 PM
My intention was as Troy's still is to not only change the inside look and feel but to change the "reputation" of the prior establishments and were implenting several steps to do so... I could actually go on and on. The bottom line is none of the above information or actually any information posted in the paper (whether you choose to believe or not) have absolutely nothing to do with approving the liquor license. I wish all the best to Andy in Vegas. I also wish Troy all the best with his business venture. I would also like to thank Mr Mark Grams and Chief Hingiss for all the slander, misinformation, tainting of my familys' name and the cost of my job and feeding and taking care of my family. And grammar police fire away :) I'm a lil too upset to care at this point. And to concerned citizen....most of your bartenders/owners/managers oh and everyday people have an owi and a municipal ticket
jon dough December 08, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Personally saw a friend attacked? I'm sure you are referring to the man who wasn't allowed to be in foxys and resisted leaving. Who then attacked a patron on his way out. Hmm is he the victim?


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