Photo Gallery: Reaction to Assembly Vote

Here are some shots from inside the state Capitol Thursday after the Assembly approved a bill that would eliminate most collective bargaining rights.

Immediately following Thursday's vote on the budget repair bill, GOP Assembly members bee-lined it out of the Capitol and protesters quickly showed their disapproval.

The crowd chanted wildly, and one member even had a bullhorn. Officers had to wear earplugs to withstand the noise, and drums and trumpets could be heard in in time with the chants.

Patriot March 11, 2011 at 04:43 PM
What I find amazing is the individuals portrayed in the photo's from the Capitol apprear to be younger and most likely Students of UWM. With that said my question to all of them is.......What role do you take in participating in the system? How many of you actually hold down jobs that provide you with health care and a pension? My guess is VERY VERY FEW!! So how can you stand there in the Capitol raising your fists at what our great Gov has been trying to accomplish? You really have to right!!! Obviously if you were a productive member of society doing your fair share of comtributing you would understand what this is all about!! This is all about the power hungry money grabbing unions taking control!! I suggest you READ the Constitution, and tell me where in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights does it state that the Government is responsible for providing you with Paid Health Care and a Pension? As a tax payer why should I be enslaved to the big public unions who continue to reach in my pcoket? As a proud american who works in the private sector, a tax paying American who is constantly asked to give more for the benefit of the lavish public union monsters. This is WRONG!!! All I head is how will I feed my family? GET REAL!!! I pay approx 27% of my weekly paycheck to cover my health care and pension, yet I am able to feed my family. I guess it means you might have to adjust your life style and drive older cars, maybe down size your house, less vacations! Get real
Linda Binder March 11, 2011 at 05:01 PM
Dave, I just watched this video that presents people in Oshkosh talking about how the bill will affect them. Its not just some students in the rotunda, who are against it. Maybe you can find some empathy for them and the concept of people from different walks of life standing together to protect the middle class....or maybe not. http://vimeo.com/mikemagnuson/wisconsin
Patriot March 11, 2011 at 05:20 PM
Trust me I do have empathy for a majority of those people. But lets get real here!! I totally understand they feel as if Gov Walker is stripping them of all their rights. I do not think that is the case here. Our public sector has some of the best protections in place out of anybody. He is just removing the driving force behind collective bargaining, which happens to be the UNION!! The Union had its place once apon a time. But as history has shown in the last few years, the unions have bled many companys dry in the private sector, and the public unions are not far behind. Lets look at the negotiations that took place not to long ago with MATC. They approved a contract awarding their instructors a salary of 140 to 150,000 dollars. Seriously!!! The private sector has had to make numerous cuts, some to the extent of being unemployed for the last year or more. Those still working are required to give more and more yet the public worker gives basically nothing!! Sure the Unions say we agree to the cuts but just dont take away our collective bargaining. My response to that is sure so when the next contract comes up we will just negotiate our benefits to make up for the cuts. Thats how the UNIONS work!!! I have no problem with Unions in the private sector as I have a choice to buy from a union shop or not. But in the public sector I HAVE NO CHOICE!! I am held prisoner by the big PUBLIC UNION thugs!!! We have all had to make sacrafices since the down turn of our economy.


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