Renters Cry Foul Over Rental Home in Fox Point

Two women claim they paid more than $2,000 to stay in a home that was filled with old food and dirty laundry.

A Fox Point man ran into trouble with police when he was accused by two out-of-state women renting them a home that wasn't exactly as advertised.

William Andrew Kops posted an ad on Craigslist that offered his home at 721 E. Daisy Ln. as a four-bedroom, 3,400-square-foot, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired vacation home. However, when the women gave Kops their security deposit, they had no idea the home's condition would not be what was promised.

According to :

A Belmont, VT, resident filed a report with Fox Point police after an incident with Kops over the summer.

The woman had found the listing on Craigslist, contacted Kops and paid $2,000 for the week of Aug. 1 through Aug. 7, as well as a $1,300 security deposit and a $100 cleaning fee deposit.

She told officers that when she and her family arrived, the house was "absolutely filthy." The refrigerator was full of his food, there were melted berries dripping down the side of the freezer, his dirty laundry, including his underwear, was in the washer and all the woodwork and tables "looked like they were never cleaned."

She said she cleaned and washed things in the home for three to four hours. Two other family members arrived and the woman said they also each cleaned for another three or four hours each.

"It was just disgusting," she told police.

However, despite their total 12 hours of cleaning, Kops kept part of the security deposit for the cleaning fee because he said that they damaged a bike tire, some woodwork and other items in the house. 

Fox Point police cited him for a time share property violation, a municipal citation that carries a $177 fine.

In August, Kops also was cited by Fox Point police for a similar incident when woman from out of state attempted to rent the home for four nights from Kops. She told police she paid him a total of $2,465, but also found a dirty refrigerator and bathrooms. Due to the unsanitary conditions, the woman said she asked for a refund from Kops, who refused to give it to her. The woman told police said she and her family left because they did not want to stay in the home.

Fox Point police cited him for not conforming with zoning regulations and officers noted in their report that they had similar instances in which he had problems with other renters that summer.

Both women filed a small claims lawsuit in Milwaukee County Court, but the cases were dismissed.

Kops was unavailable for comment.


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