Residents Target Fox Point Footbridge at Village Board Meeting

The infamous Bridge Lane Ravine Footbridge was not on Tuesday night's Village Board agenda, however, three residents still brought up their concerns about the building cost of reports and a stronger need for pool repairs.

For the first time in months, the Bridge Lane Ravine Footbridge was not on the Village Board's agenda. However, that didn't stop three residents from voicing concern that the footbridge is a perpetual cost and that money could be better spent elsewhere. 

"My concern is that Fox Point’s going to spend any money that they have and then we’re going to be stuck without a a couple years from now when that needs to be done," resident Deborah Whittle said. "I’m just concerned that when you guys keep going at this bridge that really only services the people in that general area."

Whittle mentioned the , which had so many people in attendance the crowd spilled out into the hallway. At that meeting, some residents who live near the footbridge commented that it's not just those in close proximity who use the bridge. But Whittle disagrees.

"That meeting was goofy, people don’t come from Minnesota and other areas of the country to go see this bridge," she said. 

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Resident Bob Cory presented the board with a copy of a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article that featured an article about a similar footbridge recently erected at Riverside High School. 

"Total cost for that bridge including engineering, consult, demolition, assembly and installation - $185,000," Cory said. "Hang on to that when you’re looking at the next thing that comes from the engineers at close to $2 million."

And resident Larry Booth, who has written numerous Letters to the Editor regarding the footbridge, also supported Cory's idea for a wood bridge at a lesser cost. 

"This bridge is one-tenth the cost of the bridge that you’ve been talking about. It’s mind boggling to me, this is a fine bridge, it’s a truss bridge, it’s guaranteed for a minimum of 50 years. Think about that," he said. "You could replace that bridge every 50 years for 500 years and still only be at the cost of what you’re paying for this bridge that you’ve been discussing for the last couple of years."

But Village President Michael West pointed out that the bridge in the article was only 97 feet, and the Bridge Lane Rave Footbridge is nearly 300. 

Because the bridge was not considered for action Tuesday, there were only comments from residents and reassurance from West that their concerns were recorded and heard by the trustees. 

Susan McPherson July 12, 2012 at 01:38 PM
Please stop already with the negative and generally uninformed public comments on the FP foot bridge. It is our Village treasure! We want it fixed. We need it fixed. If you don't like it, don't use it. I don't live East of Lake Drive, but the foot bridge was part of my daily walks for years. I miss it! And yes, I don't mind paying a little extra tax so that everyone in the Village has access.
Sarah Worthman July 12, 2012 at 03:03 PM
Thanks for the comment, Susan. Would you prefer to see the bridge rehabbed so it retains its rustic look, or entirely replaced with a brand new bridge at a higher cost?
Shorelander July 12, 2012 at 03:43 PM
On the contrary, it's ever amusing to see members of the public grab the mic and spout uninformed comments. It's great that West was able to defeat the idiocy with the "300 feet versus 97 feet. Duh." explanation.
Larry Booth July 13, 2012 at 06:09 PM
Shorelander: I was mistaken about the the bridge length, however, my point was that the village never looked at the wood-truss alternative.That is fiscally irresponsible, especially when you are looking at a $2,000,000 project. There are wood traffic bridges that have stood for a century and that was before there were any wood treatments to make the wood last even longer. The taxpayers need assurances that their elected representatives are doing their homework and weighing all possible alternatives before spending OUR money. In this case they did not.


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